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Major game production is bigger than ever

Lead times for titles like Cyberpunk 2077 have reached nearly a decade, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is reported to cost more than £ 400 million in development. This has an unavoidable impact on the cost of these titles hitting the shelves. The cost of major games has risen by more than £ 15-20 over the years as long as the console itself.

The original Xbox in 2001 was priced at £ 300, while the new Xbox Series X is priced at £ 450. Not surprisingly, people are happy to pay extra for the latest and greatest games, but this hasn’t stopped the rise of alternative platforms, services, and ways of playing. All of these are aimed at providing a high quality experience at a fraction of the cost.Evidence of this trend can be found across the industry from the knowledgeable iGamers who take full advantage of the casino’s welcome bonus. Provided by comparison platform odds checkerFor console gamers who take advantage of the frequent sales offered by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to receive significant discounts on popular titles.

What is a cloud game?

In addition, new technologies are well-established throughout the industry, fulfilling our promise to save gamers everywhere. This new technology, known as cloud gaming, will radically change the way people buy, access and play video games in the future.

Little is known about cloud gaming, but the platforms that provide it are rapidly gaining market share. Simply put, cloud gaming, also known as on-demand gaming, eliminates the user’s requirement to own dedicated gaming hardware. This is because the game is freely streamed over the internet to compatible devices, browsers, or displays. Therefore, the game itself is stored in the cloud and powered by a high-performance server-side game rig maintained by the service provider.

Real world savings

What this really means is that users of these services are exclusively for those who have the means to buy £ 400 gaming consoles or £ 1000 or more gaming computers directly from their smartphones or in 10 years. It means that you can access the type of game that was reserved. Old laptop. What’s more, enthusiastic gamers who want to play the best titles on a variety of hardware are no longer in the enviable position of having to buy each console they need to do so.

Despite sharing this basic technology, the major providers currently active in the field of cloud gaming offer a variety of business models and formats. In short, it can be difficult to find the one that suits your needs. To address this, the following briefly describes the relative benefits of each. This will tell you which is the best. It’s worth noting that both Sony and Amazon are also actively working on their own cloud gaming platforms, but they are still in the early stages of development and are therefore excluded from this list.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia Today, it is the only true cloud gaming console in the world. There is an officially supported controller that you can purchase with Google’s Chromecast HDMI plugin to stream your game to your HD display of your choice. In addition, the basic service is completely free and you can buy and dive into the game you want to play. In addition to this, Stadia offers a subscription tier, offering users 4K streaming and access to one new free game each month for £ 8.99 / mo.

Today, no other service has achieved the low latency of Google’s platform, making it the most attractive option today for users who need a service that simply works. One critic who is commonly leveled at Stadia is the slight lack of its game library, except for the generous support for Ubisoft titles.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Formerly known as Project xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming is accessible to anyone with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Tier for £ 10.99 per month. This gives you free access to a variety of games and allows you to stream selected games purchased from any device of your choice. The main difference between Xbox Cloud Gaming and Stadia is that the subscription price includes a large number of games. This is more similar to the Netflix-for-Gaming concept than what Google currently offers.

In terms of performance, users report that the frame rate of the service is generally good, but it has a reputation for being very slow. Also note that unlike Stadia, it does not currently offer the ability to stream in 4K. Both of these factors can change as the platform matures. Rumors of an HDMI stick comparable to Google’s Chromecast have the potential for a true Xbox game without a console. This could still be a few years away, but especially given the fact that it definitely cuts into Xbox Series X sales.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Last but not least, Nvidia’s GeForce Now service is definitely important. Notable is the gaming platform driven by the makers behind the world’s most powerful PC graphics cards. GeForce Now offers the simplest feature set on this list, but it’s also the most expensive. This is because the high-performance layer of $ 17.99 per month gives users access to server-side gaming PCs with RTX 3080 graphics cards running at 120fps and 4K resolutions. After that, you are free to install all your games, including games purchased on Steam, on the beast of this machine. This makes GeForce Now a true, practical “PC game” version of the cloud gaming concept.

GeForce Now is actually the oldest platform on this list and was first launched in 2013 with Nvidia’s Shield gaming tablet. This is an attractive option for anyone who wants to access PC games without investing the thousands of pounds needed to maintain it. Hardware up to specifications. Even those who are accustomed to sofaside games will benefit from the recent announcement that Nvidia will work with Samsung to bring GeForce Now to Korean giant smart TVs by the end of 2022. Cloud gaming platform-PC zone

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