Click here for graduation! Celebrate your 2022 class and join GitHub on June 11th 🎓

This year, thousands of students from all over the world have redefined the world we live in, how we learn and how we move forward. We are part of this experience and are honored to be eager to celebrate this milestone.

Therefore, on June 11th, we will celebrate the 2022 class and welcome them to the global community of innovative thinkers and influential builders. These graduates have revealed what is possible, regardless of the circumstances and challenges faced last year.We saw The project after introducing the project Not only their skills, but their passion and patience. This class can’t be stopped!

What are you looking forward to?

Graduated from GitHub (2020 When 2021) Is one of our favorite events. It is the culmination of effort and determination. The ceremony will bring together the next generation of leaders from around the world. It’s a day to celebrate how our crafts, our community, and technology move the world forward.

During the festival, the graduation ceremony provides an opportunity for some of the campus experts around the world to share their favorite projects, moments, advice for the future and more.

Will you graduate in 2022?

How can I participate in the celebration? Send a pull request Participate in the event and “walk the stage” by May 27th. The first 7,500 pull requests merged will receive a custom holographic card with GitHub statistics emailed to you. What works with a holographic card? Yearbook! You can leave a mark in the 2022 Almanac by merging the Markdown file into your graduation repository ( 2021 Graduation memorial album).

Join the 2022 class!

Graduation story

We would also like to hear about the amazing things you’ve achieved on GitHub during the school year. Share your story with us, teachers and classmates by recording videos and writing messages.

For more information How to participate Please submit your story by May 30th.

Graduation in 2022 is also happening directly

Yes, that’s what you just read! This year, we’re hosting GitHub graduation events in certain cities around the world.Keep an eye on us GitHub Education Twitter A page to see which city hosts the event.

I can’t wait to commemorate this milestone with you! Click here for graduation! Celebrate your 2022 class and join GitHub on June 11th 🎓

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