Civil servants stepping into a Manhattan courtroom could be energizing, not humiliating – Donald Trump

(conversation) – Manhattan could be the scene of the Purp Walk of the Century on April 4, 2023. recent indictment and surrender to the authorities in court.

Trump reportedly told his aide he wasn’t going to hide from the cameras, Ready for the Purp Walk Through crowds of photographers, police and other onlookers Create a “spectacle”

It’s not yet clear how Trump will actually enter court. given security concerns It can lead to silent surrender. Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, said Trump: not handcuffed When he enters the court and appears before the judge.

Some of Trump’s Critics wanted It’s a moment of public clearing of years of criminal allegations, but Trump and his supporters are unlikely to treat it as an act of shame. The event is fuel Trump’s candidacy for the president.

I researched perp walks I would like to know how court officials, the New York Police Department and the Secret Service will handle Mr. Trump when he arrives in New York state court on April 4.

Perp walks are usually considered their own kind of punishment. media ritual It shows the suspect criminals to everyone. But Trump is a first-class showman and will be the ultimate ringmaster in his indictment. I’m sure you can.

relatively recent trends

As I explained in my 2021 book, “see justice“Purp walks have been part of the visual news for decades. However, the term has become commonplace in popular culture relatively recently.

search for New York Times Archive discovered its first use as part of tabloid journalism jargon in 1994. Since then, the term has spread from police and journalist jargon to the public sphere.

Purp walk happens when a police officer walks bring someone arrested for a crime Go through public places so the media can film him or her.

During the pulp walk, defendants may be handcuffed, dressed in prison uniform, accompanied by police officers, and photographed as they walk freely into the courtroom. Sometimes I wear a jacket over my head.

On rare occasions, defendants try to dupe the press to avoid being photographed.Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane had a twin sister, Ellen Granahan-Goffer act as a decoy Goes to court on Kane’s behalf after she’s arrested on suspicion perjury and obstruction of justice 2015.

Photographers recorded the gophers walking, but some of them were unable to recover and were unable to capture the moment Kane himself passed by shortly afterwards.

point of shame

Perpetrators’ walks are often a way of shaming offenders. before being convicted.

For many criminals, this ritual is a moment of shame and embarrassment. We’ve covered the walk. It’s the scarlet letter of the digital age and why so many Trump critics on social media are so desperate to have their photos edited. fake Many years.

The Purp Walk is a production performed by the media and law enforcement agencies.Some are attributed solely to information from police officers about where and when a person appears. Harvey Weinstein was arrested in 2018Perp walks are pre-scheduled, with careful security planning for photographers standing or not.

Prominent defendants are scrutinized for how they walk, how they dress, and how they face the camera. For example, for Weinstein, A humble blue sweater made headlines.

Purp walks rarely occur spontaneously. They are usually closely controlled and produced by the judicial system as a form of public relations for the criminal justice system.of 2000, US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit It ruled that this procedure was a legitimate way of informing the press and the public of police activity. After being extorted, he sued New York City and the police. He said it violated his rights.

But even with the former president’s wrongdoings, he will not be able to meet the wishes of those who desperately want him to be punished for his crimes.

Trump knows how to step in front of the camera and create his own media event. This is why he is ready to perform in New York. show of defiance Against criminal charges arising from Allegedly paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

positive spin

In 2014 I researched how Government at the time Rick Perry The Texas man handled his Purpwalk and Mugshot in Travis County.Perry was indicted trampling on his power by defunding integrity units.

After holding a rally outside the courthouse, Perry shook hands with onlookers as he entered the courthouse and made his way to the reservation room.Then he put on a sarcastic grin for his mugshot. in the court of public opinionAll charges against him ultimately dismissed.

I think politicians like Trump are most afraid of being forgotten or ignored. His opponents may want to see him humiliated, but he won’t be ashamed if his first court appearance becomes a major media spectacle. You should keep that in mind.

https://www.wkrg.com/national/a-public-perp-walk-into-a-manhattan-courtroom-could-energize-not-humiliate-donald-trump/ Civil servants stepping into a Manhattan courtroom could be energizing, not humiliating – Donald Trump

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