City of Spanish Fort Purchases 144 Acres of Waterfront Land for Public Park

Spanish Fort, Alabama (WKRGMore) – Not a big deal right now, but the city of Spanish Fort has a vision of 144 acres just south of Bay Minnette Creek along Highway 225.

“This is huge for our city, starting with a 144-acre park,” said Mayor Mike McMillian. “It’s a big thing for the city. We have to develop it. We have to create a master plan.”

The $8.5 million purchase was made two weeks ago thanks to funding awarded last year through the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA). The grant will allow the city to invest in the facility, McMillan said, with plans to build a public park and nature center on the west side with views of downtown Mobile’s skyline.

“This is a really great property,” says McMillian. “Walking trails, picnic areas, fishing piers, kayak rentals. Spanish He Fort, please save the park not only for the citizens of Baldwin County, but because it’s big.”

Property access is currently not easy and projects can take years to complete. Before you start planning, you should do a historical survey on your site, along with other steps to ensure that history is not lost, before any real work actually begins.

“You know all civil war fights and things like that. We have to defend it and do it the right way,” McMillan said.

The city also plans to build a park near R&R Seafood on the causeway. “This is an ongoing process. This is just another step in urban development,” he added McMillian.

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https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/city-of-spanish-fort-purchases-144-acre-waterfront-property-for-public-park/ City of Spanish Fort Purchases 144 Acres of Waterfront Land for Public Park

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