City of Pensacola seeks grant to establish children’s resource center

Pensacola, Florida (WKRGMore) — By the end of this week, the City of Pensacola will submit an application for a $3.5 million grant to establish a children’s resource center.

The funds will be used to renovate the Lakeview Activity Center near Baptist Hospital.

“There are many children who do not have the immunizations they need to stay healthy,” said Dr. Joseph Critter, director of pediatrics at the Northwest Community Health Department of Florida. “They are not being tested enough. They have chronic conditions and are not receiving timely follow-up due to lack of transportation and primary care.”

The center will include a pediatric clinic operated by Community Health Northwest Florida in partnership with the Lakeview Center. Lakeview provides mental health and addiction services. In 2022, it served her 24,000 people, including 6,000 children.

“A lot of times, what’s going on in your home is happening at the same time,” said Alison Hill, CEO of Lakeview Center. “The need for physical health care, access to day care programs like those offered by the city make it more difficult to engage in treatment. So the concept of having all these services co-located, The idea is very exciting and we feel like it’s an opportunity for us to partner up in a different way to serve you. ”

In addition to physical and mental health services, it will also be a community center serving children throughout Escambia County.

The next step is to submit the grant application to the Escambia Children’s Trust for approval.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/escambia-county/city-of-pensacola-seeks-grant-to-create-childrens-resource-center/ City of Pensacola seeks grant to establish children’s resource center

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