City of Foley Considers Two Designs for New Inclusive Kids Park

Foley, Alabama (WKRGMore) – Foley Kids Park gets a major upgrade.

Foley Mayor Ralph Helmich said, “People have been asking me over the last few years if I could do something to include my kids. This would be a fully inclusive park.” .

A new inclusive park for children of all abilities will be built next year to replace the existing one.The current park cannot accommodate all children based on design and space. The City of Foley hired an outside company to make sure the new parks would meet everyone’s needs: one with a nature theme and one with boats and trains. Thing.

“This park will be completely inclusive. It will not be separate. Everything will build on that,” Hellmich explained.

Now Mayor Helmich wants the community to consider the two designs before the city council votes on the final choice in about a week.

“We put this into the school system without giving an opinion. A lot of teachers sat the kids down with their laptops and told them to look and vote,” he said. .

To date, over 2,200 students and residents have chosen their favorite designs. According to Mayor Helmich, this is his $1.2 million investment that has been talked about for years. He is happy to see the project moving forward.

“We’ve been through hurricanes, pandemics, economic turmoil, etc. Through it all, we’ve continued the planning process,” said Mayor Helmich.

The current park will be demolished to make way for a new park. The project timeline is not yet known until a design is selected and a bid is placed.Click to vote for the design here.

https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/city-of-foley-looking-at-2-designs-for-new-inclusive-kids-park/ City of Foley Considers Two Designs for New Inclusive Kids Park

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