City Council Approves Agreement to Advance Hamilton LRT Project

New light rail vehicles are expected to provide frequent and safe service. Credits: © Metrolinx 2017.

The Hamilton City Council of Canada has issued a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Transport (MTO) and Metrolinx to promote the 14km Hamilton Light Rail Transit (LRT) project.

Metrolinx and the City of Hamilton will form a project team to work together on the procurement and implementation phases of the project.

The Hamilton LRT Project connects Eastgate in the east with McMaster University in the west.


The 17-station LRT line will also be integrated with the Hamilton Street Rail (HSR) bus service, connecting to local bike-sharing, GO buses and rail services.

New light rail vehicles, which are expected to provide frequent and safe service, will operate along railroad tracks that are separated from normal traffic.

As part of the project, investments will be made in public infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, bridges, power distribution (hydraulic), telecommunications, natural gas, street lights and traffic control signals.

In addition, along with the Hamilton Community Benefits Network, a community benefits framework will be established to provide employment opportunities to local suppliers, apprentices and contractors.

Keenin Loomis, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, said:

“In addition, this major infrastructure investment transformation potential provides Hamilton and neighboring municipalities with 7,000 jobs, which will help the post-pandemic economic recovery.”

Initial construction of the project will begin in early 2022, and vacant corridor properties will continue to be demolished this winter.

In May, the state and federal governments jointly announced funding, investing $ 3.4 billion in the cost of capital for the project. City Council Approves Agreement to Advance Hamilton LRT Project

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