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Technical data It claims to be the first certified distributor to offer Cisco Enterprise Agreements (Cisco EA) through its UK partner.

This is good news for Cisco partners to be able to apply to offer their EA plans to their customers through TechData without having to obtain their own formal Cisco EA certification. Tech Data manages all administrative tasks to ensure that the customer is fully enrolled in the contract.

To be fully certified as a Cisco EA Partner, TechData was required to obtain specific technical certifications across the region. Jon Sawdon, Director of Business Units for Cisco and Enterprise Networking at TechData, said he made this additional investment to support his partners in developing the Cisco EA business.

“Cisco EA provides customers with simplicity and flexibility to maximize the value of their investment in Cisco software. The additional resources available to obtain this certification are available to Cisco partners in the middle market. It means being able to offer EA to our customers and expanding both the value they offer and the scope of the Cisco EA program. “

The Cisco EA entry point is expected to have a minimum contract amount of $ 100,000 and most contracts traded through Tech Data with a maximum contract amount of $ 250,000. Cisco EA is available in Cisco DNA, data centers, collaboration, and security solutions for a period of 3 or 5 years.

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