Chuwi HiPad Air full-screen tablet launches on Unisoc Tiger T618 for $ 169

Focusing on the mid-priced tablet market, Chuwi has established itself as one of the reliable tablet manufacturers in the last few years and is steadily gaining support from around the world. Chuwi’s best-selling Hippad Pro is recognized for its outstanding workmanship and powerful performance.And now Chuwi takes the next step with an affordable tablet HiPad Air.. With an all-metal case construction, a mid-range Unisoc Tiger T618 processor, and performance specifications for gaming, internet, and home entertainment, the Hippad Air ranks as one of the best-value tablets on the market for just $ 169. Has been done.

The HiPad Air is manufactured in the same mold as the Hipad Pro, but with the addition of a high-end CNC cutting process to create a complete metal body. It is lightweight at only 480g and ultra-thin with a thickness of 7mm. The 10.3-inch body is easy to hold with one hand and is also convenient to carry. The back side is zirconium sanded and has a multi-layer coating for easy touch. The dark sky gray color scheme creates a modern style that suits any occasion.

New midrange processor

In terms of performance HiPad Air It is equipped with a 12nm Unisoc Tiger T618 processor. In short, the combination of A75 + A55 combo high performance frame and 4G + 128G memory supports high software usage, multi-application cooperation, and high speed graphics processing.Compared to the previous run Helio MT6771V and Hippad Air also have the advantages of low power consumption and excellent temperature control. 25W + scoring with the latest version of Antutu Bench. In addition, the Mali G52 3EE gaming grade display chip is suitable for easy play of mainstream online games. A rare feat in the range of tablets under $ 200.

HiPad Air also uses the native Android 11 operating system for a seamless user experience. Switching from a mobile phone to a tablet should be that easy. Programs and applications are loaded quickly, based on advanced AI algorithms and powerful computing power. And the overall experience is smooth and comfortable.

HiPad Air

A great tablet for everyone

Combining an all-metal body, a lightweight, thin profile, a 10.3-inch FHD screen, the latest Android 11 system with a Unisoc Tiger T618 processor, and a 7000mAh battery capacity, the Hippad Air is one of the best-value tablets. $ 169 market. And certainly, it will increase Chuwi’s fan base and reputation as one of the world’s top tablet producers. You can also explore various other tablet models to find the best one Tablet PC For you. Chuwi HiPad Air full-screen tablet launches on Unisoc Tiger T618 for $ 169

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