Chromebook user locked from laptop with one typo

Google seems to be learning a difficult lesson about the importance of accurate writing. Android police Report that Google has Pulled Easy-to-use Chrome OS update that broke login Chromebook Apparently due to a simple typo, the user. The company seems to have added a second “&” to the line of code. This prevents the OS from decrypting the login information and effectively locks the updated user from the system.

Not only did this issue prevent some users from signing in, but it also started a boot loop (the system keeps rebooting). On at least one system, a recovery USB stick was needed to get back into operation. Chrome OS has been successful with cloud sync, but some people have lost important files.

Google needs to identify the issue and provide a fixed update today (July 21st). Still, it’s not clear how such a prominent flaw slipped through the testing process. Whether you’re using a Chromebook or another device, it reminds you of the importance of backup. A single buggy update can be confusing.

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