Chinese cities pick up debris after record rain kills 33 people

Cars were scattered on the road after heavy rain hit Zhengzhou.

A mountain of cars is a city in central China as rescue operations continue on Thursday as shocked residents pick up the remains of a historic flood that killed at least 33 people and heavy rains threaten the surrounding area. It was scattered around.

Unprecedented heavy rains in Zhengzhou caused a year of rain in just three days, quickly overwhelming drainage channels and sending muddy torrents to roads, road tunnels and subway systems, according to meteorological officials.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the city were also affected by the floods, flooding farmlands and disconnecting roads and railroads.

In the worst-damaged Zhengzhou, a terrifying image of the subway system was broadcast. real time that’s all Social media, Shows that water is rising from the ankles to the neck of passengers during the rush hour on Tuesday.

At least 12 people died before the rescuers released the survivors from the carriage.

Questions began to swirl on Thursday about how authorities are preparing for a disaster. An angry user went to Weibo and wondered why the metro wasn’t closed before. One thread was played over 92 million times on Thursday.

“Why was that so? Water level The street was almost waist high, but did the subway still allow commuting? I asked.

Deadly flood in central China

Fact file about floods in Henan, China as of July 21st.

The Ministry of Transport has issued a statement ordering railroad operators across the country to “absorb the lessons of recent incidents and improve emergency plans” as a sign of increasing pressure, and will close stations immediately in the face of it. Warned. bad weather..

As the water recedes, a mountain of cars becomes a monument to its deadly power, residents move their cars to higher ground in preparation for another day of bad weather on Thursday, and the affected city where communications and power are still unstable. I tried to plan a trip from.

Trucks pumped muddy water from underground tunnels as business owners counted the cost of torrents and meteorologists issued “red” rain warnings, warning of new landslides and the threat of flooding in the surrounding area.

A power outage in the media added to the challenge, and state television reported that communications equipment and cables were damaged by the flood.

“We’re waiting for power to recover, but it may take a few more days,” Chen, the owner of a local food and pork sandwich restaurant, told AFP.

“My loss? They’re okay compared to what happened in the tunnel there,” he gestured to the tunnel where the floods trapped many cars on Tuesday.

Deaths appeared to increase as rescue teams searched the rubble.

Climate change is making this kind of extreme weather more common as the world continues to heat up.

Climate change is making this kind of extreme weather more common as the world continues to heat up.

The state-owned Global Times shared a video about a rescuer’s social media feed pulling a three-month-old baby from a collapsed building in Zhengzhou.

The newspaper said the baby’s mother was still missing.

Topography, typhoons, climate

There was a question about how to prepare China’s bulging city for extreme weather events such as Tuesday’s storm. Climate change..

A short trip north of Zhengzhou, Anyang City issued a red warning on Thursday due to heavy rain after some areas received more than 100 millimeters of rain, closed schools and homed most workers. I ordered you to be in.

Meteorological experts analyzed the reasons behind the record heavy rains on Tuesday.

Chen Tao, chief forecaster at the National Meteorological Center (NMC), said the combination of Henan terrain and typhoon In-Fa is favorable for rain.

Endless urban sprawl is putting pressure on China's drainage

The endless urban sprawl phenomenon is putting pressure on China’s drainage.

The typhoon has not landed in China, but the wind has “collected a large amount of water vapor from the sea toward Henan,” which has become a source of heavy rain, Chen said.

Climate change is also making this type of extreme weather more common as the world continues to heat up and catastrophes occur around the world.

Henan, like many parts of China, is dotted with rivers, dams and reservoirs, many of which were built decades ago to control flood flow and irrigate agricultural areas. It was.

But endless urban sprawl is putting pressure on drainage.

State media has blamed the proposal that the dam may have played a role in disrupting normal flow. waterThe Global Times quotes experts that construction is “not directly related to floods.”

Floods in central China turn streets into rivers, killing 12 people

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