Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen wins NFT trophy for winning international chess tournament

Grandmaster of chess, Magnus Carlsen has won many tournaments throughout his career and is currently the first person to be awarded the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trophy for winning an international chess tournament. Tournament organizers at the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour (MCCT) want to take an innovative route to commemorate the clearest moments of the game / tournament, with NFT trophies and collectibles (such as chess pieces such as pawns and queens). To be included in the award pool. For chess fans.

The way this was done by the organizers was that after winning the tournament there were two identical editions of the champion Trophy NFT digitally signed by Carlsen. The second trophy was auctioned at 6.88 ETH while Carlsen held the first trophy. That’s about $ 24,700 or about Rs. 18,64,088 at the time of purchase.

Karlsen Told the tournament organizer He thanked the crypto companies for supporting the virtual chess tournament, brought a recent partnership between MCCT and FTX crypto exchange, and earned 2.1825 BTC (about Rs. 94,35,743) for competing chess players. Brought a chance.

It is also worth noting that after the deadline, bids for NFT trophies were reported to have risen to 11 ETH or $ 27,093.

In addition to incorporating NFTs as awards, chess governing bodies are also looking for ways to use blockchain technology as a “cheating prevention tool” for online chess tournaments.

Carlsen, on the other hand, is by itself not a stranger to the world of cryptocurrencies. Chess superstars launched their own NFT collection on the OpenSea NFT platform earlier this year and named it The chess genius sells 69 unique games, especially featuring the Boncloud chess opening variations and the Greek opening.

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