Chapel is willing to meet with the trance group, but there is a demand

(((NewsNation Now) — Comedian Dave Chappelle said he would meet transgender workers on Netflix after criticizing the recent special “The Closer.” Video released on his Instagram page..

“I said what I said, and the boy I heard what you said. My god, why couldn’t I?” Said the comedian on stage.

But he also stated, “I will not give in to anyone’s request.”

The LGBTQ + group opposed “closer” because they say it is a dangerous word that can harm members of the community. Chapel claims he is not transphobia, and some of his specials include details of his friendship with a transgender comedian who died of suicide.

“I don’t know what this nonsense is, because everyone I know from the community is love and support,” Chapel said in a video.

Chapel said he would meet someone who was interested, but said he would not be “summoned” and made three requests.

“First of all, you can’t come if you haven’t seen my special from start to finish. You have to come to my place and time of my choice. And third. And I have to admit that Hannah Gadsby isn’t fun. “

Gazby is a trans-comedian from Australia.

Chapel also opposed the cancellation culture in a five-minute video. “You said you need a secure working environment on Netflix,” he said. “Well, I’m the only one who can’t go to the office anymore.”

He told the crowd that he wasn’t invited to the festival and was stunned by the distributors getting his documentary “Untitled.” He announced a November tour of 10 cities to show the movie.

“Thank God to Ted Sarandos on Netflix,” Chapel said. “He is the only one who hasn’t canceled me yet.” Chapel is willing to meet with the trance group, but there is a demand

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