Channel View with Lucy Randall, Business Director of Jigsaw24 – Technology Reseller

Technology Reseller (TR): Is the economy good? Is it better or worse than 12 months ago? And how confident are you about the future?

Lucy Randall (LR): Business is better than ever. We participated in a pandemic project for the worst, but benefited from the strongest year ever. We have worked closely with our customers, partners and vendors to invest this success in our business and support continued growth. Last year, our workforce increased by more than 20%, hiring in all areas of our business, from account management and service delivery to operations and personnel. We also opened a new service center in Nottingham. This expansion demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers with rapid access to products and excellent services of all sizes.

TR: In what areas are you experiencing the strongest demand?

LR: We have a significant increase in demand for support and professional service capabilities. Due to its growing market reputation as a trusted service provider, customers are now seeking to support devices, infrastructure, and IT assets outside of traditional Apple expertise. The M & E industry is also booming, with heavy investment in studio development in the UK and unprecedented demand for content. This increase in content creation and subsequent post-production work means that Jigsaw24 is in the best place to provide solutions and services to support this delivery turnaround.

TR: What are you most proud of your recent wins?

LR: Our recent award as CRN Reseller of the Year is something we are really proud of. Demonstrating the success of our transformational journey over the last five years is a good external verification. Internally, we believe in what we are doing and are passionate about the four pillars that underpin our approach, but by winning the award, everything we do. You will be confident that the passion and honesty behind you will be valued externally.

TR: Where is the most difficult business proof?

LR: Alongside well-documented supply chain challenges for product availability, the biggest challenge we face is the acquisition of the talent needed to support our growth and success. The labor market is highly competitive and lacks the quality resources it needs. This pushes costs up, increases the overhead required to attract key resources, and ultimately impacts customers through higher service charges and longer-than-normal delays in resource availability for project work. ..

Jigsaw 24 headquarters in Nottingham

TR: How have you changed / changed your business operations to take advantage of new opportunities?

LR: The organization has undergone major business changes over the last three years, countering market gaps and a five-year transformation plan to take advantage of the perfect opportunities for us to completely fill. Our focus is to leverage the benefits of existing operational activities to drive the growth of our services business. By combining this focus with traditional product expertise and fulfillment capabilities, you can create end-user-focused IT solutions. With this, we are confident that our customers will be able to achieve their business goals.

TR: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry today?

LR: The talent pool lacks the required skill sets. DevOps, cloud capabilities, ServiceNow and Apple device management, and security skills aren’t immediately available and are very expensive.

TR: Can vendors and distributors do more to overcome these challenges? If so, what is it?

LR: Yes, through a larger investment to fill the skill gap. Cisco did this 20 years ago. Working with educational institutions today to develop the next generation of capabilities will be a long-term solution. In the short term, there are quick fixes available. However, they are expensive. I think vendors can really help in this area by looking at partner training as a sales enabler rather than as a source of revenue.

TR: If you could change one aspect of your work

LR: How did the previous limits caused by the pandemic change?
We are involved in networks and many large companies still support virtual conferencing. It used to be unavoidable, but now I’m really looking forward to meeting customers and partners in person and attending channel events. This not only expands relationships further, but also facilitates more fluid idea sharing and collaboration. This is not easy to do on the screen. Channel View with Lucy Randall, Business Director of Jigsaw24 – Technology Reseller

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