Channel Awards 2021 Women-Nominations Announced Today

CRN is pleased Clarify candidates For individual women in today’s channel awards.

Email all candidates a questionnaire to fill out. This is an important next step to staying part of the award process.The deadline for submitting the answered questionnaire is Monday, June 21st, 5pm..

In addition, channel companies can now fall into one or more of five categories to recognize the work they are doing to promote diversity within their organization.

This year we have added two new categories. Ethnic Diversity Champion Award and Health and Wellbeing Recognition Award (all five categories are listed at the end of the article). Importantly, our Diversity Employer of the Year Awards has also been extended to recognize the work companies are doing to include members of the LGBTQ + community in their initiatives.

Please note that these are not recommended when applying for company-wide awards. Instead, you’ll need a dedicated application of up to 600 words-to read the criteria, Please click here..The entry deadline is Monday, June 21st, 5pm..

Good luck to all the nominated people and those who submit company-wide entries.

visit Click here for the women’s website of the channel award For more information on how to enter and read company standards.

The prize will be made to Thursday, October 14 At the brewery.

Complete list of company categories:

Diversity Employers of the Year

Best Community Outreach Program

Gender equality award

Ethnic Diversity Champion Award

Health and Welfare Awards Channel Awards 2021 Women-Nominations Announced Today

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