Champions League gets new camera tech for offside calls

Referee Alejandro Hernández gives instructions during the Champions League 3rd qualifying round first leg football match between Benfica and Mittilán at Luz Stadium in Lisbon, Portugal, Tuesday 2 August 2022. Credit: AP Photo/Armando Franca

UEFA announced Wednesday that the Champions League will use a camera-based system to determine tough offside calls in the group stage from next month.

Semi-automated offside technique approved by FIFA last month uses multiple cameras to more accurately track player limbs and points where key paths are made for the World Cup in Qatar.

This technology promises faster and more accurate offside decisions than current Video Assistant Referee (VAR) systems.

UEFA will use the new system next Wednesday in the Super Cup match between European champions Real Madrid and Europa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt in Helsinki before making their Champions League debut on September 6. announced.

The system was tested at the European Women’s Championship, which ended in England on Sunday, as well as last season’s Champions League.

Champions League gets new camera tech for offside calls

Referee Esther Staubli gestures during the women’s Euro 2022 semi-final football match at Bramall Lane Stadium in Sheffield, England, Tuesday 26 July 2022. Credit: AP Photo/Rui Vieira

“UEFA is constantly looking for new technical solutions to improve the game and support the work of referees,” said referee Roberto Rossetti in a statement.

Controversial calls are a frequent occurrence in European leagues, with VAR personnel crossing out players for limit calls on screen. It’s been derided as “armpit offside” because of its small margins.

FIFA uses new tech for World Cup offside calls

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