CES 2023: SwitchBot Unveils Matter-Enabled Hub 2

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SwitchBot is Project Interoperability Criteria open your arms CES 2023, it’s doing it in Hub 2. This will create her SwitchBot device with Bluetooth. material compatibility.

A big upgrade from its predecessor switchbot hubHub 2 acts as a bridge to connect SwitchBot Bluetooth devices to Wi-Fi and make them Matter compatible, allowing Apple HomeKit users to connect their SwitchBot devices to Apple home app, for example.the same applies Google home When smart things user.

The Hub 2 is a smart smart home device with a display for built-in thermo-hygrometer functionality, so thanks to Matter, users can check the room temperature directly in the Apple Home app or any other platform of their choice.

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In addition to Matter support for SwitchBot Bluetooth products and temperature and humidity sensors, the Hub 2 features two scene keys on the display that can be preset in the SwitchBot app to control the device, and double the IR control range. SwitchBot Hub Mini.

The first devices the Hub 2 will support will be SwitchBot Curtain, one of the company’s best-selling devices. SwitchBot says he expects this to happen once the new hub launches in late February, when final certification is complete.

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Other SwitchBot products smart lock When button pusherwill be upgraded to support Matter sometime in 2023. SwitchBot Plug Mini Supports Matter over Wi-Fi in the future without requiring Hub 2

https://www.zdnet.com/home-and-office/smart-home/ces-2023-switchbot-launches-matter-supported-hub-2/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 CES 2023: SwitchBot Unveils Matter-Enabled Hub 2

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