Celestial placement in the night sky this weekend

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Peoria, Illinois (WMBD) – Venus is very bright in the western sky and is the brightest of all stars and planets during the first part of the night. astronomical alignment with the moon and another planet.

The two-night event kicks off on Saturday, March 25, when the crescent moon appears above Venus and culminates with Mars high in the western sky.

On the evening of Sunday, March 26th, the Moon will “split” two planets.

The famous constellation Orion also appears in the western sky just to the left of Mars, the Moon, and Venus. You should be able to see it with a telescope.

OrionHowever, it can be seen in the night sky for about half of the year. Its shape is easy to spot because of its many bright stars and characteristic belt (three stars in a nearly straight line).

https://www.wkrg.com/news/the-astronomical-alignment-you-can-see-in-the-night-sky-this-weekend/ Celestial placement in the night sky this weekend

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