CE Precision Assemblies love Cetec ERP for its consistency and data integrity

When it comes to ERP systems, CE precision assembly, (CEPA) knew what they wanted. They wanted an ERP system that provided accurate data and unmatched implementation support. They wanted an ERP with the depth and flexibility of functionality proven to handle the unique requirements of the cable assembly industry. CEPA found what they were looking for with Cetec ERP!

CE Precision Assemblies, Inc. is a women-owned small business founded in 1986. The company manufactures custom RF cable assemblies and wire harnesses for defense and aerospace applications. CEPA had an ERP system for over 13 years, but it was not fully functional. There are many data problems, frequent false reports, Very limited support team.

A growing company, CEPA was looking for something reasonably priced to continue supporting the company’s expansion. CEPA liked that Cetec ERP was originally developed for the cable assembly/wire harness industry and understands their specific needs. We also like that Cetec ERP offers both onsite and cloud options.

“As an AS9100/IS9001 certified company, we have documented processes and procedures for all our operations.” CEPA Contract Manager Kathy Kennard said: “Working with Cetec ERP has given us the opportunity to review and improve some of our processes, and it is a work in progress.”

During the Cetec ERP software implementation, a personal migration team at Cetec headquarters assisted in mapping CEPA’s data from the old system to Cetec ERP. CEPA employees have found all the how-to videos and reference materials on the Cetec ERP support site to be invaluable implementation tools.

https://www.wnie.online/c-e-precision-assemblies-likes-cetec-erp-for-its-consistency-and-data-integrity/ CE Precision Assemblies love Cetec ERP for its consistency and data integrity

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