Carbon dioxide levels reach new global record

Even as The world has slowed in the last year, Atmospheric carbon dioxide continued to accumulate.

According to the Earth’s atmosphere, as of May this year, it contains more carbon dioxide than recorded. Two separate data analyzes According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.Scientists have begun to accurately measure atmospheric CO2 From above Mauna Loa Volcano Nearly 60 years ago. Last month’s measurements show that the levels are 50% higher. Estimate before industrialization It is 419ppm.Some experts believe that the Earth is the largest number we have ever seen. Over 3 million years..

This comes together Significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions At the beginning of the pandemic. Still, carbon dioxide emissions and atmospheric concentrations are not exactly the same. When carbon is emitted, about half of it is released into the atmosphere and the other half is stored in trees and the sea. Conversely, it is not all of the accumulation between clouds. Can be traced back to the use of fossil fuels..

It ’s not that great, but Carbon absorption by the ocean, And Planting more trees is not an easy answer, Atmospheric CO2 Will be added to the increasing tolls Greenhouse effect on climate change. The recent 6% drop in emissions seems big, but to reverse the global trend from Mauna Lao, countries have stunning 20-30% carbon emissions in about six months. Need to reduce.

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“As long as we continue to emit carbon dioxide, it will continue to accumulate in the atmosphere,” said Ralph Keeling, a geochemist in charge of the Scripps Oceanography CO2 program. Said to New York Times. not to mention, Emissions began to increase rapidly The moment the world resumes.

“Emissions have historically declined in 2020, but the fact that at some point more than half of the world’s population was blocked and emissions fell by only 6 percent could achieve net zero. It should remind us of how surprisingly difficult it is, and we need to do more, “said Jason Baldoff, founding director of the Global Energy Center at Columbia University. Is Washington post..

According to a press release from the University of California, San Diego and Scripps, May is just above the “growth period” in the Northern Hemisphere, making it an important month for determining carbon levels. Average atmospheric CO2 For May 2021, it increased by 2 percentage points from May 2020.

Meanwhile, leaders from seven of the world’s wealthiest countries met this weekend in Cornwall, England. Discuss both climate change and COVID-19. in spite of Ambitious carbon reduction goals The United States and other heavy carbon emitters predict that 2021 will be a particularly difficult year for the Earth’s atmosphere. Energy demand and production will pick up again.

“Although the goals so far have been strengthened, they are inadequate in their own right,” Keeling told Post. “I’ve run out of time. The more I wait, the harder it gets.”

Correction: There is Mauna Loa volcano In Hawaii. Earlier versions of this post stated that the volcano is in China. Carbon dioxide levels reach new global record

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