Canada suffers from the fourth wave of Covid infection

September 24

Globally, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 exceeds 230,637,000 and more than 4,729,000 deaths have been reported.

New daily infections in Canada have been steadily increasing since July, often exceeding 4,000 in recent weeks due to the epidemic of delta variants.

The country is set to the worst wave ever, as this uptrend in new cases is unlikely to change in the short term.

Still, the number of deaths has not yet risen sharply, as vaccination may play an important role in reducing the severity of the disease.

Currently, the country is experiencing a fourth wave of infectious diseases, with significant regional differences in the burden of illness.

Hospitals in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta are reaching capacity due to a surge in unvaccinated young patients.

Canada has reached a major milestone in immunizing 80% of its eligible population using unconventional strategies.

Due to the lack of vaccines, they were allowed to take the two vaccines at longer intervals than the manufacturer advised.

The effect of this on individual or population-level immunity to Covid-19 is unknown at this time.

However, as evidence of weakened vaccine immunity continues to emerge, longer dosing intervals and vaccine mixing are important considerations in this context.

As new cases are still increasing every day, a combination of continuous vaccination efforts, strategically timed public health measures, and a clear message from public health authorities is needed to control the infection. ..

In Denmark, new daily infections have been declining in recent weeks, and there are currently about 400 new infections per day.

Since March 2021, the number of deaths per day in the country has been less than five.

This is due to the success of the vaccination campaign, in which almost 75% of the population was completely vaccinated.

This month, the country became the only European country without Covid-19 restrictions.

However, to minimize the risk of future Covid-19 outbreaks, countries need to adapt their immunization strategies and consider booster campaigns.

Epidemiologists at Tara Patel, MSc, Global Data Canada suffers from the fourth wave of Covid infection

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