Cable Trends: SPE and real-time data outweigh the need for quick connectivity

For cables Manufacturers continue to dominate the trend towards faster and more compact systems. Supplier of motion control systems, such as Helukabel, respond with industrial automation cables that can send data in real time.

Single-pair Ethernet enables consistent data transmission down to the field level.

“We offer multiple motor manufacturers around the world with feedback and signal cables in all variations of fixed, continuous bending and torsional ratings. For distributed motion control, industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS and PROFINET, Mod. We carry a wide range of products for that market, including buses, CC-Link, DeviceNet, CAN buses, etc. Our latest product is ISOBUS for use in trackers and their equipment in the agricultural industry. Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider Supports a variety of system architectures designed for use with, Danaher, SEW, Lenze, etc., “said Neal Allen, Vice President of Engineering.

In addition, the company states that it has begun manufacturing Category 6 cables, which combine power and data conductors, and hybrid I / O cables. Gordon Post, Regional Sales Manager – Michigan.

With respect to IIoT and increasingly networked manufacturing, Product Manager Horst Messerer – Data, Networks, Buses said the general trend is faster acceleration and faster speeds with more bending cycles. .. “Also, smaller machines require cables with smaller bend radii or lightweight structures. For example, depending on the cable constriction and transmission length, the pair of conductors needed to carry up to 1 Gbit of data. Is only one pair.

Helukabel-Hybrid Cable-PS-Topserv-Hybrid
HELUKABEL TOPSERV Hybrid is a combination of existing power cable and feedback cable.

Messerer said new mating interface standards such as ix Industrial and SPE are the latest connectivity standards that form the market. For example, Post added that there is growing interest in Helukabel’s TOP SERVPUR hybrid, its product for single-cable motion control applications that require the use of servomotors.

“Small sockets for devices that can make PCBs smaller mean less material and smaller housings,” says Messerer. “In addition, both have increased vibration protection compared to traditional RJ45 connectors. With SPE, there is only one pair of cables, which reduces weight and uses less material, resulting in a smaller bend radius. Become.”

Over the last few years, the need for hybrid cables has continued to grow, integrating data and power / control into a single cable (one cable solution or technology). “In the past, every drive maker had two cables, one for data and one for power. Today, all new motion control systems use the Ethernet protocol to send data in real time. In the past, we used either analog or bus technology, but this is not the ability to send in real time, “says Messerer. “In addition, there is a clear tendency towards halogen-free solutions that are less fume and less toxic than PVC compounds. Finally, the theme of being able to recycle compounds is becoming more and more important.”


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