C++ Overtakes Java as Most Popular Programming Language

according to the latest TIOBE indexC++ overtook Java in popularity of programming languages.

The TIOBE index calculates the popularity of Turing-complete languages ​​using searches across 25 different engines. The methodology used for the index has been regularly criticized, but it suffices as a rough guide.

Java has been the mainstay of the top three programming languages ​​since the TIOBE index was launched in 2001. But that impressive streak came to an end this month.

For the first time, C++ overtook Java in the rankings. Java pushed from the top 3 to 4 places.

Java fans will take some comfort in the fact that C++ (11.94%) and Java (11.82%) rank very closely, comfortably ahead of fifth place C# (4.92%). It wouldn’t be surprising if the two values ​​swapped in his TIOBE index updates every month throughout 2023.

The top 10 languages ​​in the TIOBE index for December 2022 are:

The popularity of Python, C, and C++ has skyrocketed, and it may be difficult for other languages ​​to catch up. No other language out of the top 50 has achieved a rating lift of more than 1% outside of the top 4 languages.

According to some other rankings, Java is better.

in October 2022 report Java remained in third place, behind Python and JavaScript, according to consulting firm RedMonk, which measures the popularity of each language on Stack Overflow and the number of GitHub projects that use them.

C++ casually knocked Java out of third place in the latest TIOBE index, but was seventh in RedMonk’s October report. It will be interesting to see where C++ ranks in RedMonk’s next report.

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