Business travelers on the railroad to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

According to reports, there is a growing desire to reduce the carbon impact of travel, which is apparent before the pandemic.

Study from Trainline Partner Solutions Almost 60% of business travelers find that they are more likely to consider rail than the 20% before the pandemic.

It’s not clear that many travelers want to take the train, but it seems that more attention is being paid to it.

Studies show that 90% of UK employees prefer to take the train if the trip takes a similar amount of time.

Travelers are currently postponing flights for the health and safety of COVID, with 41% and 27% saying they have an environmental impact.

Also, a quarter of respondents say they are less likely to use a car for business trips if they know the impact on carbon compared to railroads.

According to Trainline, 59% of employees will avoid driving to Europe or short-haul flights in the future if they travel by train for the same amount of time.

Eighty-one percent also support a ban on short-term business flights with train options available.

The terms of the government bailouts of Air France and KLM last year included reducing emissions by encouraging rail travel.

And in April, the French government banned short-distance domestic flights that could be traveled by rail within two and a half hours.

Champa Magesh, President of Trainline Partner Solutions, said: One of the clear long-term trends is for employees who plan to reduce the impact of travel on carbon dioxide emissions, reducing road travel and short-haul flights.

Over the last 15 months, it has become clear that consumers are generally more aware of how brands respond to social and environmental issues.

The question remains whether this perception leads to actual action.

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