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“Not only did we celebrate our 65th birthday in 2021, but we also celebrated being named the Processor of the Year at the Plastics Industry Awards.

The Processor of the Year is awarded to UK plastic processors who are capable of demonstrating overall excellence in a variety of areas, including corporate and growth, innovation, human resources development, manufacturing efficiency, customer relationships and environmental issues. In other words, it’s an all-round world-class processor, “said Stuart Johnston, director of Rutland Plastics.

Based in Oakham, Rutland and serving customers across the UK and in all sectors of the world, Rutland Plastics’ core business is the manufacture of plastic parts through injection molding processes. Founded in January 1956 by Ron Smart and Don Ansell, the family-owned company started with two molding machines and now runs on 31 machines. This growth comes from reinvestment, education, and a long-standing commitment to the community.

Rutland Plastics offers a full range of plastic injection molding services, including design, mold flow analysis, prototyping, mold tool creation, and a wide range of additional services such as machining, gluing, assembly, and warehousing. “We can meet the requirements and needs of all our customers. We provide advice on manufacturing process design, mold tool design and manufacturing, and of course plastic parts manufacturing. We also offer additional molding machines. We can also help our customers in need of capacity. We have the flexibility and expertise to work with our customers at any stage of the manufacturing process, “says Stuart.

Rutland Plastics offers a wide range of services, with 50 to 1,700 ton molding machines installed, a product manufacturing capacity of 1g to 45kg or more and a size of 1.5m. “We have decades of experience in all sectors, which means we have been involved in the design of almost all types of thermoplastics, products, and tools,” Stuart said. increase.

All services are quality guaranteed through ISO9001, ISO13485, and ISO14001 certifications. In addition, Rutland Plastics is a proud member of BPF, GTMA, and Made in Britain.

As customer demand increased last year, Rutland Plastics moved to 24/7 production to ensure that it meets customer demand. In 2016, Rutland Plastics invested in 900 PV panels and has produced over 900,000kWh ever since. These panels account for up to 15% of demand, and the remaining electricity needed is purchased through renewable energy certified supplies. Following his contribution to the environment, Stuart said, “We plan to increase the number of solar panels and purchase more energy-efficient molding machines so that we can continue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.” I am saying.

Through COVID-19, Rutland Plastics has met the demands of the medical industry. Productions have been busy supplying components for compressed gas systems, Nightingale Hospital and ventilator components. “We also worked with Oakham School to create 40,000 face visors for front-line local healthcare professionals who donated for free,” says Stuart.

A truly resilient and flexible business is characterized by overcoming adversity. Rutland Plastics has prospered throughout COVID-19 and has actively adapted its business operations to enable continued growth.

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