British citizens who strongly support the unionization of Amazon workers

The British public is very much in favor of trade union approval for Amazon workers, a measure to prevent e-commerce giants from securing public sector contracts until the company provides fairer labor practices. Supports.

In a UK resident poll conducted by Survation, 73% believe that Amazon is legally required to approve and engage in trade unions that represent employees, and an additional 68%. We support effective trade union approval as a prerequisite for companies to secure public sector contracts.

Of those who voted for the Conservative Party in 2019, 64% supported union approval as a prerequisite, reaching 75% among Labor Party voters in 2019.

In addition to trade union approval, 77% of those surveyed support the idea that governments should only grant contracts to companies that engage in broader and fair labor practices such as training, fair wages and inclusion. However, only 4% of the respondents objected. To.

For workers indirectly employed by Amazon, many of whom fall into the category of “gig workers,” 74% of the general public also consider Amazon responsible for providing fair working conditions. Only 16% thought the company would not be liable for these workers.

Also, just over three-quarters (76%) believe that Amazon employees should be able to form a union without interference from the company. This is what Amazon has a history of.

For example, in April 2020 Amazon tried to stop employees from joining the virtual panel Organized by tech workers concerned that no measures have been taken to protect staff from Covid-19, invitations have been removed from the calendars of thousands of employees.

In the same month Amazon-owned Whole Foods used an interactive heatmap tool to track where employees could union.This was done by tracking various indicators to infer the likelihood that the union’s efforts would begin.

“Amazon workers play an important role in people’s lives during the pandemic, and the public expects fair employment practices and decent conditions,” said Unite Executive Officer Sharon Graham.

“Amazon attacks all attempts by workers to get their collective voice, but now is the time for a new reconciliation. Whether workers are hired directly or in the gig economy. Whether or not they work in, the general public strongly supports trade union representation of Amazon workers.

“Unite calls on Jeff Bezos to uphold a declaration that guarantees that Amazon workers in the UK and Ireland have the freedom to talk without fear and form a union. Our union moves up and down the country. We are campaigning. We are determined to win the union rights of Amazon workers. “

On March 31, 2021, Unite set confidential information Whistleblower hotline for Amazon workers in the UK and IrelandEfforts to encourage workers to be improperly treated without the threat of retaliation from the company.

A Unite spokeswoman said when contacted about the hotline: “Unite’s Amazon hotline is still open and receiving a lot of traffic. The union has received many reports of improper treatment, including concerns about bullying managers and labor rates. I will. “

Response from Amazon

In response to this survey and its findings, an Amazon spokesperson said:

“We attach great importance to daily conversations with each Associate, including the fulfillment center, throughout Amazon, confirming that direct employee engagement is a powerful part of our work culture. “They added. “In fact, while working in a safe and modern work environment, we already offer good salaries, good benefits, and great opportunities for career growth. The union knows this. . “

The growing support for the unionization of UK-based Amazon workers is in line with the broader shift in attitudes towards the importance of their work, which people generally value as a result of the pandemic.

For example, almost half (46%) say they value drivers and deliverers more than they did before the pandemic, and 41% feel the same about warehouses and Amazon’s “fulfillment center” workers. ..

Overall, 58% said they consider Amazon workers to be major workers because of the pandemic.

April 2021 Amazon first quarter financial results Shows that it has tripled its profits from $ 2.5 billion to $ 8.1 billion 12 months ago. The company’s revenue also increased by nearly 44% compared to last year, rising from $ 75 billion in the first quarter of 2020 to $ 108.5 billion today.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos Added over $ 70 billion to his personal net worth during the coronavirus pandemic By 2020, it is now close to $ 185 billion. British citizens who strongly support the unionization of Amazon workers

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