British Army announces plans to further utilize RAS in the future

The British Army plans to integrate robotics and autonomous systems and electric vehicles into the battlefield. Credit: Amber Clay / AIX.

The British Army has announced plans to further leverage robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) to prepare its troops to combat future battlefield challenges.

The plan will increasingly explore the use of human and mechanical teams, including the deployment of soldiers that combine autonomous, robotic, and artificial intelligence technologies.

In a statement, the UK Ministry of Defense said the deployment of RAS could include using unmanned computer-powered vehicles to provide assistance and situational awareness in remote areas. Said.


With RAS, you can also quickly deploy reconnaissance counter drone capabilities and use sensors to see, shift, or shoot across the battlefield.

Mark Carlton Smith, Chief of Staff, said:

“Our future soldier initiative will see a more versatile and increasingly deployable army in the face of evolving threats.”

The British Army will also soon publish an “approach to electrification” as part of a future soldier initiative.

This strategy aims to increase the use of batteries, sustainable energy and hybrid electric drive technology in vehicle fleets over the next 15 years.

Electrification is expected to increase operational advantages, reduce heat and noise characteristics, and improve stealth mode capabilities.

Colonel Simon Ridgway, Assistant Head of Planning for Ground Maneuver Capability, said:

“This will enable the military’s electrical infrastructure to meet the power demands of future battlefields.

“To deliver the effect, you need the right power at the right place, at the right time. With hybrid vehicles, you can easily get the power to where you need it.”

The British Army has already invested £ 10m to equip Man SV, Jackal and Foxhound vehicles with hybrid electric drives. The performance of these vehicles is currently being evaluated.

Earlier this year The British Army used AI technology for the first time during its annual large-scale NATO exercise.. British Army announces plans to further utilize RAS in the future

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