Bringing Salvation to Baldwin County’s ‘Food Desert’

Stockton, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Baldwin County nonprofit members seek to help families in often-overlooked communities. The Prodisee Pantry held its monthly food distribution in Stockton on SaturdayDrivers slowly make their way down the assembly line. Volunteers prepare food and load it into the trunk. A great help for those in need.

“It helped my family and fed my stomach,” said Vonzell Stoudemire with a smile.

He and dozens of others came to the event to get food.Some locations in Baldwin County are considered food deserts.

“Oh, it’s so hard. We live in the country and know it takes 30 or 40 miles to get into town,” said Cynthia Wessler of Little River.

The organizers said it’s the food that brings people together, but it’s also essential to connect people with community service organizations.

“There are so many services that can help families lift themselves out of poverty or move from crisis mode to self-sufficiency, so especially in the north of the Baldwin community, dozens of people are working to make these services accessible and accessible. We are working with non-profit organizations and local ministries.” Dean Servos, Executive Director of Prodisciplinary Pantry, said:

Prodisee Pantry volunteers have traveled to Stockton every month for over a year. We help about 100 families in one trip. Not everyone in rural Baldwin can afford to travel to the East Coast.

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https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/bringing-relief-to-food-deserts-in-baldwin-county/ Bringing Salvation to Baldwin County’s ‘Food Desert’

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