Breakdown of Matrix 4 trailer: 11 things I noticed in the resurrection teaser

Matrix Resurrection Trailer Landed, and it has a lot to absorb at once. In addition to instilling the idea that Neo is an ordinary person living a simulated life in The Matrix, Teaser suggested when the film would be set, and how this simulation changed. Make fun of other weird details about what.

Below, we’ve picked up 11 important things from the Matrix 4 trailer and explained what each one means. Some of these are pretty obvious-but couples may blow your mind.

1. Neo lives a normal life.

(Image credit: Warner Brothers)

Taking blue pills and watching the therapist (played by Neil Patrick Harris and wearing blue glasses), in this movie, Neo is probably living a different life in another version of the matrix. You can see that. From the sequence of events, it can only be inferred that this is the beginning of the film, he encounters Trinity (he also seems to live a normal life) and has a strange dream of simulation. After that, you will meet a blue-haired character played by Jessica Henwick. He calls him Neo.

2. … but he now looks like another man

Screenshot of the trailer for The Matrix Revival.

(Image credit: Warner Bros / screengrab)

When Keanu Reeves Neo looks in the mirror, another white-haired man looks back. It was first discovered in one of the teaser videos displayed on The Matrix Resurrections website earlier this week. In the same bathroom, I was seen biting a blue pill.

3. The Matrix movie seems to exist in this Matrix

Screenshot of Neo Matrix Revolutions from the first movie.

(Image credit: Warner / Screenshot)

This is wild (sauce) – The Matrix appears to appear within the Matrix for this movie. From around 32 minutes of the first movie, you’ll see a short shot of Neo after taking the red pills. This could be the reason why Jonathan Groff’s character at the end of the trailer asks, “After all these years, it’s back to where everything started. Go back to The Matrix.” This suggests that the Keanu Reeves character has an identity problem, and he believes he is The One, probably as a result of watching the movie. But that’s our guess.

4. Many Alice in Wonderland References

Screen capture from Matrix 4 trailer.

(Image credit: Warner Bros / screengrab)

From the very immediate selection of “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane to the literal appearance of the book (the woman with the book played by Priyanker Chopra wears red glasses), the Matrix Resurrection is great Lewis Carroll Regarding Carroll’s reference to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-as its predecessor did (“Follow the White Rabbit” is the word Trinity typed into Neo at the beginning of the first movie). Breakdown of Matrix 4 trailer: 11 things I noticed in the resurrection teaser

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