Bra across the gong makes survivors family

Spanish Fort, Alabama (WKRG) — A strong start for the hundreds of runners and walkers jogging through Meaher State Park. With bras in the breeze, local cancer survivors feel fully supported.

“They’re trying to find this cure to make sure women like me are okay,” said cancer survivor Yolanda Marshall. One of our missions is to help people battling cancer not only survive, but thrive.

Cancer survivor Susan Hilton said, “Don’t be afraid to go out and talk to people, share your story, and encourage people to get a mammogram and smile. Have a good time.” It’s an annual growing event, and organizers say cancer patients and the people who support them become family.

“If you have had cancer in your family or anyone in your life, you know it is a battle, it is a battle and everyone needs to come together. There is a need and people need to unite and you can find it here Matt McCoy, co-founder of Bras Across the Causeway says: For survivors today is the time to help others It’s a chance to record your accomplishments and remember your struggles while you help lift.

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