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BMW could not mark The 50th anniversary of the high-performance M division equipped with all all-concept cars. Instead, German automakers took advantage of David Lee Roth’s proud rock star aesthetic with a plug-in hybrid concept that combines V8 power with the next level of M design.

The XM SUV plug-in hybrid concept (propnamed internally as “Rockstar” (discussed later)) is the second M-only car to date.

The XMS UV that TechCrunch peeked at in Los Angeles earlier this month won’t be put in the trash of a concept car. Production will begin in 2022 after a massage to comply with regulations. According to the automaker, the XM SUV is pretty close to the ridiculous concept that was unveiled in Los Angeles earlier this month. This is good news for diplomats.

The BMW XM is inspired by the automaker’s SUV lineup and the legacy of M vehicles, but bravely complements these designs. The line is more aggressive. Featuring a cat-like LED light, a glass-milled BMW logo, and an M-quad exhaust, the concept’s rear end is unlike any other car manufacturer’s vehicle. Instead of arranging the pipes horizontally, mount the hexagonal exhaust tips vertically on both sides of the wide diffuser. In advance, the large kidney grille has undergone a unique LED outline treatment.

Everything in the vehicle shouts “Look at me!” That’s exactly what car makers were aiming for.

Image credit: BMW

“Customer feedback is that they really love our car, but the next step is to give the car more expressive luxury,” said BMW M’s director. Franciscus van Meal, the chairman of the board, said at the unveiling ceremony of the car.

According to BMW, these customers are outgoing, expressive and incompatible and may cross-shop the XM against the Lamborghini Urus and the Mercedes G-Wagon, but BMW has not yet shared the price.

Then there’s the interior, which can somehow surpass the exterior “look at me”.

BMW XMS UV Plug-in Hybrid Concept Interior

Image credit: BMW

The look is essentially a Toyota Camry in the mid-2000s compared to what’s happening inside. The front row is covered with what BMW calls “vintage brown” leather and is specially tuned for performance and driver orientation. back seat? Imagine a Russell brand bedroom. That’s what BMW did to XM for backseat passengers. The back seats and floor are covered with blue and green velvet to convey the lounge, respectively. All that’s missing is a lava lamp and an M & M bowl with all the brown stuff removed.

Above the driver and passengers is a crystalline headliner. It is indirectly illuminated from the side, and when illuminated, it really feels like a work of art, or at least it’s visually equivalent to a planetarium laser show.

If BMW can sync Wright to Tame Impala’s latest album, the winner is in the hands of fans of certain music and herbal supplements.

BMW XMS UV plug-in hybrid concept gif

Image credit: BMW

Rolling Music Club is a fusion of car maker V8 and plug-in hybrid technology. Together, the powertrain outputs 750 horsepower and 737 pound-foot torque. BMW did not share information about battery capacity, but said it was targeting the 30-mile range tested by EPA in EV-only mode. It does not exactly match Toyota’s products. But it’s more than enough to quietly leave the venue without much interest. Of course, unless everyone notices the design and the shiny kidney grille.

BMW XMS UV Plug-in Hybrid Concept Grill

Image credit: BMW

According to Marcus Syring, head of BMW M design, XM will always be something special. BMW’s board specifically asked the designers to shock them with something they didn’t expect.

“BMW is continuously running these particular high-tech models and is actually exploring new areas not only in the i3 and i8, but also in the iX,” Syring told TechCrunch at the end of the evening. “We are looking for something. The same is true for that car (XM). It’s very unique and we’re trying new things.”

BMW’s M division has produced a car equivalent to former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth in an industry that regularly uses rock stars and their music to sell cars. It’s noisy, flashy, ready to “bring it” and happy to hug you in velvet at the end of the day. BMW combines M’s legacy and rock star aesthetics with a rapid V8 hybrid SUV – TechCrunch

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