Black Friday made my favorite air fryer so cheap that I had to buy a second one

Jared DiPane / CNET

If you have one kitchen gadget, you can’t live without it. Air fryer.. We have been using them for several years and have always liked it over instant pots for what we want to cook. The problem with using an air fryer every day is that you quickly learn their flaws and some of them can’t stand the test of time. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for air fryer recommendations, but what we’ve tried isn’t on many of the best air fryer lists, but so far our favorites is.

A few years ago, I bought a Bella 8 quart air fryer from Best Buy at launch. Earn 1 point for only $ 50 -This is less than the amount I paid-This is pretty easy given that it usually sells for over $ 100.This is definitely one Best Black Friday Air Fryer Deals..

We are a family of four. This means that you need to cook the right amount of food to serve everyone, and you don’t have the patience to wait for it to be cooked in batches. This Bella Air Fryer has a capacity of 8 quarts and is large enough to hold a bunch of chicken strips, whole turkey breast, tons of french fries and broccoli and much more. We haven’t tried to cook anything that doesn’t fit in it yet-including a very nice little frozen pizza.

There is a preheating feature to warm up before you start cooking, and there are 9 other presets available for cooking meat, shrimp, fish, bacon and other goodies. You can easily set the temperature and time on the touch panel on the front. One of the underrated features of this model is how easy it is to clean. Nothing needs a large scrub to stick to the bottom and remove it yet. In fact, I recently learned a new trick that makes cleaning even easier.

After cooking, pour soap, cover the bottom rack with water and leave at 400 degrees for 2-3 minutes. All tough mess is cooked, then you can wash it off and you’re ready to put it away.

To be honest, air fryer can be a little ugly. Some are futuristic and some are too colorful, but this model looks like a suitable kitchen appliance with stainless steel and a black look.

We already own one of these and a small air fryer that we received as a gift, but this Black Friday sale is enough to order a second one instead of the small one. We also recommend it to parents and friends who have purchased it and already love it. If you are in the air fryer market and want something that looks good and really works, this is an option to consider this Black Friday. Black Friday made my favorite air fryer so cheap that I had to buy a second one

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