Black Friday is coming soon! Save $ 3500 on Samsung 8KTV!

Samsung offers significant immediate discounts on its acclaimed 8K smart TVs. 2021 Samsung Neo 85 inch class QN900A With a $ 3,500 discount on 8K TVs, this latest release is a must-have for anyone waiting for a new TV. We usually look for Black Friday deals to make these large purchases, but this year some companies are offering early discounts to avoid a last-minute delivery rush.

Samsung 8K TV Neo can display 8K from end to end for a truly immersive experience on an “infinite” screen. With an anti-reflective layer that minimizes glare and reduces unwanted distractions, you can enjoy entertainment and games at any time of the day.

“Feel the power of every frame with 33 megapixels, which offers incredible depth and clarity at four times the resolution of 4K.”

Samsung neo tv

Samsung 8K TV takes you into the future

Samsung QN900A brings the future to the present. It’s the latest product from Samsung, the industry leader in consumer TVs, so you can expect features that other TVs don’t have. Samsung Neo8K TV features an infinity screen and anti-reflective layers, as well as Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro). This allows you to get sound from all sides, including the center of the TV. Track on-screen actions with pinpoint accuracy for an enhanced, realistic 3D experience. “

The Samsung 8K TV 2021 QN900A also comes with other top features and specs such as SpaceFit Sound, Motion Xcelerator Turbo +, MultiView and Quantum Matrix Technology Pro.

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The specifications for the Samsung 8K TV Neo QN900A 20217 5 inch are as follows:

  • Resolution: 7,680 x 4,320
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): Quantum HDR 64x
  • NeoQuantum processor 8K
  • 100% color volume with quantum dots
  • Super viewing angle
  • Quantum matrix technology
  • HDR10 + certification
  • Zero bezel
  • Embedded POP
  • Game Motion Plus
  • Infinity Screen / Infinity One Design
  • 1 connection box: 1 connection (Y21 8K)

Please visit the product page For more information. Don’t forget to check the reviews as this is a fairly expensive purchase. At the time of this writing, this product has a 4.8 / 5.0 rating based on over 300 reviews and is highly recommended by many, especially for games. Here are some of the current Black Friday deals:

  1. 85 inch Samsung 8K TV QN900A is $ 5499.99 Instead of $ 8999.99 ($ ​​3500 savings)
  2. $ 4499.99 for the 75-inch model Instead of $ 6999.99 ($ ​​2500 savings)
  3. $ 3299.99 for the 65-inch model Instead of $ 4999.99 ($ ​​1700 savings)

The company offers instant delivery with a 0% April payment plan. For more information Go to the official store.. Black Friday is coming soon! Save $ 3500 on Samsung 8KTV!

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