Bitfinex CryptoExchange incorrectly sends $ 24 million worth of tether with “fat finger error”

Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, has regained over $ 22 million of misused tethered cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week, Bitfinex mistakenly paid a $ 24 million fee and sent a $ 100,000 (74.2 rupees) Ether. The actual fare was only $ 33 (about 2,449 rupees). This amount was deducted from one of Bitfinex’s email wallets. People call this case the classic “fat finger” error.

“On September 27, deposit transactions were made using the hardware wallet of the main DeversiFi user interface,” said the news portal The Block Crypto. Quote A DeversiFi spokesman said.

heavy Tether The transaction is send on To the unknown upper rank Ethereum The miner who returned the total.

The exact reason for this error remains unknown, but DeversiFi claims to have begun investigating this issue.

Also, it is unclear what will happen to the balance of more than $ 2 million (about 15 rupees) that has not yet been returned to Bitfinex. Cryptocurrency wallet.

On the other hand, as report According to Business Insider, Ethereum transaction fees are increasing following the heavy use of this blockchain network.

In June 2020, the two Ethereum transactions totaled $ 5.2 million in gas charges.

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