Billionaire Ray Dalio, a bitcoin similar to “digital gold,” says

Billionaire Ray Dalio considers Bitcoin, the largest and oldest cryptocurrency, to be “digital gold.” But when asked whether to choose Bitcoin or Gold, he says: “If you put a gun on your head and say,’I can only have one,'”, “Gold I would choose.” American investors, who turn 72 this Sunday, are still cautious about the unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies last year.

The founder of Bridgewater Associates, an American investment management company, has stated in the past that it “owns a private amount.” Bitcoin“. But he also frequently expresses concern about cryptocurrencies that are sweeping the world, at least for now.

His latest interview Dario, along with CNBC, said he owns a very small amount of Bitcoin. “I’m not a big owner,” he added. There are certain assets you own to diversify your portfolio, and Bitcoin is like “digital gold”, “he said.

Bridgewater Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer added that Bitcoin is only part of his larger investment puzzle. Cryptocurrency As “diversification”. Dario added that he generally doesn’t know if Bitcoin will go up or down. “I was able to discuss both sides.”

According to Dalio, it is important to continuously evaluate your investment. He also suggested avoiding buying assets like Bitcoin due to a temporary boom. “Be careful what you put your money in ⁠,” he said. “And diversification not only in the United States, but globally.”

In May 2021 CoinDesk Annual Consensus Conference, Dario said it is better to have Bitcoin than bonds as an inflation hedge. He further stated that Bitcoin’s greatest risk is its success. Among other risks, Dario warned Bitcoin enthusiasts that the government has the ability to control digital currencies. He said they knew where they were and what was happening.

Friday afternoon Indian Bitcoin Prices It was about Rs30,10,752.

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