Bigger Together: How to Maximize the Value of Your Mainframe

The more we evolve as a digital society, the more we see evidence of basic truths. In short, mainframe systems play a central role in many of the most basic aspects of our lives and work. Platforms underpin today’s society.

the mainframe is modern marvel We have the most advanced hardware and software to make your business successful on a global scale. Businesses trust it and consumers transact every day with complete confidence. It’s a true workhorse found in nearly every industry, and for good reason. Unmatched features and value.

Beyond the mainframe’s technical prowess, it is the community of developers, engineers, data scientists, and system programmers who are leveraging it to drive progress. Together, the expertise, dedication, passion, and ingenuity of our community make this technology a reality for businesses around the world.

forward thinking in business

The competition is fiercer than ever. Continuous transformation is required to demonstrate and maintain leadership. Transformation of business models, processes, services, and the right technology stack to support them all. Because everyone around you must be. It’s more than a choice. it’s a must. And that’s how you move forward. We must anticipate the future and consider the following: That awareness is important.

The impact of transformation will be different for each organization. This doesn’t mean throwing away the technology investments you’ve made, it means building them better. Sometimes the key to moving forward lies in new technology. Some use proven platforms. Most of the time the correct answer is a combination of both.

Open the mainframe to expansion possibilities

As we soar into the future, the need for greater scale and speed will continue to drive change in all industries. Look at the financial, travel and retail industries as examples. Customers want faster, more connected experiences. The mainframe is an integral part of that customer’s experience. Consider the mainframe’s role in processing nearly 90% of all credit card transactions. Not to mention doing much of the heavy lifting for airline reservations, banking, healthcare, and supply chain systems.

As integration with mainframes grows, hybrid cloud, also increases the value of the platform. An open and connected mainframe allows every generation of developer and his IT to use common tools and strategies, leading to visionary in areas ranging from AI and machine learning to cyber threat defense, data management and more. This makes it possible to work efficiently. while leveraging the inherent strengths of the mainframe.

it’s the people that make it possible

When we think of mainframes, most people focus on what’s inside. But the mainframe’s inherent strength goes beyond technology.

Yes, mainframes offer unmatched performance, scalability and efficiency. safety,reliability. More importantly, it’s the people who build the hardware, code the middleware, and develop the applications that drive business value.

This community brings know-how, experience and commitment to continuously enhance and evolve the IT backbone of our society. And these same people are sharing knowledge, passing it on, and training tomorrow’s next generation of talent. These are the mainframers.

Being a mainframer is more than just manipulating a platform. I know the outside of the platform is big. It’s about hardware, software, and people working together to drive business value and have a meaningful impact on the world around us.

we are growing together

Working together towards a common business goal maximizes our potential. You can connect what you know with what’s new, so you can build on your IT investments today to create greater value tomorrow. It is this kind of large-scale, collaborative thinking that propels business into the future.

Let’s go big!

If you want to talk about mainframe value and grow with us, you can find more information here.

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