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Two residential towers with a total of 430 units called Residencias Arianna are 1298 Tripp Ave in San Jose. I proposed a site with the concept in. Large-scale development of affordable homes that could eventually bring more than 1,000 homes to a site near the future BART station east of downtown San Jose is beginning to materialize.

San Jose — Sites near the future BART station for public transport-oriented development, east of downtown San Jose, have the potential to sprout over 1,000 affordable homes.

An increasingly active developer, Roygbiv Real Estate Development has begun planning at the San Jose City Hall for the first major component of the project.

The first phase, called Residencias Arianna, consists of two large residential towers. One has 12 floors and the other has 10 floors.

According to a plan submitted to the city by Roygbiv Real Estate, Residencias Arrianna will house 430 homes, 241 in one building and 189 in the other.

The concept of Residencias Arianna, a 430-unit housing development consisting of two residential towers on Tripp Avenue, San Jose. // //

The 430 units in the first phase of development are the 1298 Tripp Ave between North 26th Street and Wooster Avenue near the interchange between US Highway 101 and McKee Avenue. Will rise at.

The site is also within 800 meters of the upcoming 28th Street / Little Portugal BART station.

“This is a public transport oriented development,” said Loida Kirkley, CEO of Roygbiv Real Estate. “This includes affordable housing for ultra-low-income, low-income, and middle-income earners.”

According to Anderson Architects Principal Executive and Project Designer Kurt Anderson, once all three phases of the project have been built, the entire development will consist of 1,200 units.

Roygbiv Real Estate is actively planning at least four other tower projects to add if hundreds of homes are built in downtown San Jose.

Roygbiv proposes two residential skyscrapers near the existing Diridon Station, the other two will be built near the future San Jose BART Downtown Station, a short distance from City Hall.

430 unit housing development called Residencias Arianna, consisting of two residential towers on Tripp Avenue, San Jose. // //

According to the development proposal, the project near Little Portugal BART Station will include notable equipment in both of the two buildings in Phase 1.

A shared open area will be set up on the first floor of each building. Both buildings have a roof deck with a rally area. Fitness centers are planned for each building. Big San Jose Affordable Housing Project Appears – Silicon Valley

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