Best Free iOS Apps and Games of the Week [3rd Edition]

Looking for some of the best free iOS This week’s apps and games? Well, you have set foot in the right space on the internet. We’ll talk about that exactly here. If this is your first time, you may want to know that we offer free iOS apps and games every week to get more information from your smartphone. Dive into the 3rd edition of the best free iOS apps and games every week so it doesn’t get in the way.

Best Free iOS Apps and Games of the Week [3rd Edition]

In this edition, we’ll look at apps like Mylio, SubscriptionX, EasyCut, and Airr.

1. Million

Mylio-The Best Free iOS App

Mylio is a photo organizer iOS application that is becoming increasingly popular. The idea behind the app is to make file management easy, secure, and fun. The app is available on all major platforms, so you can easily access your library from anywhere. Like the most popular file organizers, it also supports facial recognition, so you can easily get all the images of a particular person.

Life calendar is a very interesting feature provided by Mylio. Mylio uses the calendar app to organize your photos. There is a built-in editor that you can use for lightweight editing. We are considering functions such as a one-tap filter and a precision processing slider. The company claims to provide secure service no matter what device you use.

The free version of this service can store up to 5000 photos and access them on up to 3 devices. This should be fine for casual use. Alternatively, you can choose a premium subscription of $ 9.99 per month.

price: Free (offered in-app purchase)

Evaluation: Rating of 3.9 / 5, 109

Link to download: Mylio Photo Organizer on iOS devices Apple App Store

2. Focus lock

FocusLock's best free iOS appFocusLock's best free iOS app

Focus lock may not be a unique application, but it may certainly be useful. The idea behind this app is to provide the ability to add goals to your wallpaper. Instead of the traditional task list and reminders with push notifications, FocusLock displays tasks on the lock screen. This means that every time you turn on your smartphone, your goals will be displayed and you will be able to focus on your goals.

You might be able to remove the push notification and procrastinate, but it shouldn’t happen with focus lock. This app provides a huge library of wallpapers that you can explore and choose according to your taste. Once the task is complete, you can easily remove the goal from the lock screen.

Developed by Igor Remeniuk, FocusLock for iOS is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

price: freedom

Evaluation: No rating so far

Link to download: Install Focus Lock on your iOS device from Apple App Store

3. SubscriptionsX

Subscription X Best Free iOS App Subscription X Best Free iOS App

Developed by Naveem Singh, Subscriptions X can be a very useful app for everyone. This app acts as a personal financial assistant for all selected subscriptions. You can track all your subscriptions and keep up with their due dates. As everything moves to the cloud and content is streamed, you’ll have to subscribe to multiple subscriptions to catch up.

Personally, I only have 5-6 subscriptions on the OTT platform, and including music, useful apps and services, the list is pretty extensive. You can add prices, due dates, and more to each subscription. Even if you’re offline, the app can still remind you of a very impressive due date. There are already popular subscriptions on the list, but you can also add personalized subscriptions.

The app is very simple, but still very effective. You can use it to track your monthly spending. In addition, you can find subscriptions that you don’t want to subscribe to. In a sense, it’s a really personal financial assistant. The app is completely free and has no ads.

price: freedom

Evaluation: 5 out of 5 stars, 1 rating

Link to download: Install Subscriptions X on your iOS device from Apple App Store

4. EasyCut Video Editor

EasyCut Video Editor-The Best Free iOS App

If you are using a smartphone for many video recordings, you may want to edit those videos directly on your device. Well, we have it exactly for you – EasyCut Video Editor. This iOS app gives you instant access to all the popular and useful tools. You can also use this app to create movie-like videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

EasyCut brings many editing features to your table, including trim and cut, multiple video layers, narration, speed control, transitions, subtitles, special effects and more. You can export video in full HD 1080p at 30fps, which is suitable for smartphone apps. With proper use, you can create professional-looking videos on your smartphone alone.

EasyCut Video Editor-The Best Free iOS App EasyCut Video Editor-The Best Free iOS App

The biggest advantage of this app is the fact that it is completely free. You will have access to everything from your pocket without firing a dollar. What’s more, this app is so lightweight that it can run very quickly on iOS. Overall, it’s a completely free and impressive video editor.

price: freedom

Evaluation: 4.2 out of 5 stars, 6 ratings

Link to download: Install EasyCut Video Editor on your iOS device Apple App Store

5. Airr – Highlight Podcast

Airr Best Free iOS App

Podcast Today, it’s a common way to consume content. You can listen to various stories while doing random things such as cleaning and cooking. While consuming content in the form of audio, it is very common to forget some important things. Only if there is a way to save these highlights. Well, Airr is an app that brings exactly the same functionality to your table.

An app that allows you to highlight podcasts. Airr is basically a podcast player that can play a variety of podcasts. Save time while listening to your favorite podcasts. Once saved, it can also be shared on other social media platforms. Alternatively, you can save the highlights with your own voice. This is also convenient. You can also use the voice feature to record a short summary of your podcast at any time.

price: freedom

Evaluation: 4.5 out of 5 ratings, 197 ratings

Link to download: Airr Highlight Podcasts Best Free iOS App Apple App Store

6. MindNode

MindNode Best Free iOS App MindNode Best Free iOS App

There are many apps for mapping ideas. MindNode is what I am currently using and investigating. With this app, you can start with bullet points and write down your ideas. When you’re ready, you can convert your list into a beautifully crafted mind map with a single tap. The main idea is in the middle, and the connected thoughts are branches.

You can add icons, photos, stickers, notes and more to make things look even more beautiful. You can also export the content in various formats for backup. The app is so popular and well-made that it won Apple’s “App of the Day” and “Editors’ Choice” awards. A free membership is sufficient, but you can also choose a Plus membership that unlocks all features.

If you’ve never used an app like this, we recommend trying MindNode. This app really helps you organize your thoughts together.

price: freedom

Evaluation: Evaluation of 4.4 or 255 out of 5

Link to download: Install MindNode on your iOS device from Apple App Store

7. Retro goal

If you’re looking for that good old 90’s style soccer game, a retro goal may be the closest you’ll find. It is currently available for iOS and will soon be rolled out to Android. The game brings a classic combination of arcade soccer action and simple team management. If you’ve ever played a 90’s soccer game, you know what the fun is.

Retro goals bring the same nostalgia as a retro soccer gaming experience. Developers are very popular with bringing such titles to their smartphones. In the past, I brought games like New Star Soccer and Retro Bowl. Graphics have been inspired since the 16-bit era and demand a solid gameplay experience.

The free version of the game allows you to play the first 10 games. To play more, you have to pay some money from your pocket. That said, the free version is great enough for you to experience 16-bit soccer games and their nostalgia. Later, if you see yourself spending on it, you can opt for the paid version.

price: Free (offered in-app purchase)

Evaluation: 4.1 out of 5 ratings, 171

Link to download: Install Retro Goal on your iOS device from Apple App Store


This concludes our weekly column of the best free iOS apps and games. When asking for my favorite from the list, I need to use SubscriptionsX, MindNode, and Airr Highlight Podcast. These are basically the apps I use on a regular basis and I may not be able to live without them. That said, the rest of the apps are the best out there, and if they serve the right purpose for you, they’ll be a surprising addition.

Looking for more such iOS apps and games?Well, stay tuned for our weekly future editions Best free iOS apps and games.. Until then, Check out previous editions, You will certainly find some valuable apps and games. Best Free iOS Apps and Games of the Week [3rd Edition]

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