Best Coding Bootcamps in Europe in 2022

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Many may feel old in 2022 (remember the 2012 London Olympics was just yesterday? YouTube promo videos for the 10th anniversary could drop at any moment). I have). programmer.

In a constantly demanding technology market, researcher Germany’s IT market is expected to be worth US$129 billion in 2025, increasing tech jobs worldwide. If you’re interested in making a career change, a bootcamp might be the easiest way to learn programming from scratch.

Bootcamps promise to teach students to learn to code quickly, and such boldness has earned them a bad reputation. But when we get to the facts, Bootcamp is a useful tool for professionals — from every field — trying to pivot to programming.

According to statistics, the median age of bootcamp students is 31 years old. And nearly eight of his 10 2020 bootcamp attendees got a job within his six months after completing the course. In 2020, this is a clear number, as most of the world had to adapt to working (and learning) purely remotely. That’s how personal connections should be replaced with after-hours cocktails held over lo-fi Zoom calls.

Boot camps have a great reputation for connecting individuals. Students can become a business her partner immediately after completing the course and develop code with a business-oriented approach.That’s why in 2021 bootcamps such as Le Wagon Employment rate is an impressive 93%just one month after completing the course.

Many bootcamps in Europe offer mixed multi-location or online models.There are specs that make a difference coding However, the syllabus, total investment, course duration, admission process, etc. are different. Certain bootcamps may appeal to an aspiring data scientist, while others may be more suitable for a multi-cloud aspiring integrator.

Here are some of the best coding bootcamps to attend in Europe in 2022.

1. Le Wagon (Berlin, Cologne, Munich, etc.)

If you were secretly planning to attend a coding bootcamp just to move to another city and get a fresh start, first make sure you: Le Wagon Your town doesn’t have a campus. This excellent coding bootcamp has campuses spread across 44 cities. Twenty-three of these campuses are located in Europe, including Berlin, Cologne and Munich. At Le Wagon, he offers full-time (9 weeks) and part-time (6 months) courses primarily on full stack his web development and data science.

Le Wagon’s European campus graduates are often employed just 34 days after completing their course. Meanwhile, Le Wagon’s 6,000+ alumni network will be bolstered by remote-only alumni. Le Wagon offers web development and data science courses in remote bootcamp mode that can be experienced as live lectures. Le Wagon already claims his alumni community has amassed over 13,000 people. Not a bad number to build a network with!

see us Coding Bootcamp Documentary Featuring students from Le Wagon.

2. Spices (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart)

spices A more boutique alternative to Le Wagon. With campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart, and the option to attend online lessons, Spiced offers two of his 12-week programs. One is web development and the other is data science. But they are trying to add his third option: data analytics. This 9-week course helps spreadsheet heavy users with no programming experience decipher the code behind data insights. The syllabus includes topics such as the basics of pythonvarious datasets, statistics, visualizations, storing data in PostgreSQL, and exploring dashboards.

3. Coders Lab (Krakow and other locations)

Coming from a country that has graced the entertainment industry with video games like The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, Coders Lab Well, a hefty coding bootcamp. Founded in Poland in 2013, it now has campuses in more than five countries. Coders Lab boasts an instructor-led median of 188.5 hours of live classes. That’s 50% more than any other bootcamp.It may take a beefy athletic brain to get through it, but the eight-week boot camp will teach students developer Paying for your hectic days of coding. Coders Lab offers courses in Python and JavaScript development and has a network of 8,000 alumni.

4. Academia de Codigo (Lisbon, etc.)

In Portuguese reprogramar means “to program something again”, but it can also mean to start something over. Accademia de Codigo, a lengthy bootcamp experienced in different cities in Portugal promises to rewire your life for a fresh start. Become an employable full-stack developer. This is because the bootcamp week is his 7 days and the day is about 13 hours (I think I put “bootcamp” in bootcamp).

As their webpage puts it, “coding takes effort”: 14 weeks equals 650 hours of total immersion time. That is how long it would take him to drive from Berlin to Lisbon and back 12 times. But as they also explain, coding “brings jobs.”

5. Founders and Coders (London)

Founder and Coder is a 12-week bootcamp that promises training in interpersonal skills such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, project management, and web development tools. Based in London, Founders and Coders is a non-profit bootcamp. This means their courses are tuition-free, so you don’t have to worry about converting your hard-earned savings into pounds. Led bootcamps are very selective in their students but welcome people from all backgrounds. Founders and Coders will be held online, starting in March, but check his website for the latest information on in-person courses.

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