Best Air Flyer for less than $ 100 on Cyber ​​Monday 2021

List of Best Cyber ​​Monday Deals It continues to grow and becomes difficult to navigate with each addition. That’s why it’s useful to recall all the deals for a particular item for less than $ 100, including Cyber ​​Monday deals for many of Best Buy’s current air fryer. All of the systems listed below have been highly rated by reviewers and are ideal for your next appliance upgrade. See those deals below!

Bella Pro Series 4 Quart Digital Air Fryer — $ 35, $ ​​70

Reason to buy:

  • Prepare food in 4 quarts capacity, up to 3.3 lbs
  • Intuitive digital touch screen
  • Non-stick pans and crunchy trays are dishwasher washable
  • Air frying, baking, roasting and reheating from one device

The first thing you’ll notice about this Bella Pro series air fryer is, of course, the 4 quart size plus the digital touchscreen at the top. Provides readings such as current temperature, selected mode, etc. In addition, you can easily select the cooking mode with one tap. When it comes to air fryer, there are several different colors, such as black, blue and white, all with a matte finish. Don’t burn food or treats as the 60 minute timer will automatically turn off the flyer when you’re done! You will also hear an alert that the food is ready.

The non-stick pot and crispy tray in the basket can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. That’s good because they can get pretty messy after you cook a meal. This fryer is capable of 1500 watts of power and does not need to be preheated. In other words, it quickly heats up and stays there.

Best Buy sells this Bella Air Flyer on Cyber ​​Monday, so you don’t have to pay the full $ 70. Instead, the price is $ 35 with free shipping, which is great and cheap!

Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer Oven — $ 90, $ 140

Instant Pot Vortex Plus 10 quart air fryer oven. The light is on and the rotisserie is in it.

Reason to buy:

  • Large capacity 10 quarts and rotisserie
  • 7 built-in programs
  • Touch screen control with LED display
  • No preheating required

Instant Pot Vortex Plus is both an air fryer and an oven, but also includes a convenient rotisserie basket. Of course, it will rotate. Vortex has seven built-in cooking programs such as bake, roast, fry, bake and dehydrate. It cooks fast, has easy mode selection, and comes with a fully adjustable thermostat. Touch screen controls and LCD panels also provide all the information you need to speed up the oven configuration.

The oven comes with a drip tray, two cooking trays, a rotisserie basket, a rotisserie pit, and an insertable handle. Most accessories are dishwasher-easy to clean. In addition, the 10 quart capacity leaves a lot of room for food, light meals, or anything else you want to cook! For example, you can dehydrate fruits!

On other days, this air fryer oven costs over $ 140. But for Cyber ​​Monday, Best Buy offers Instant Pot Vortex Plus for $ 90, free shipping, and a $ 50 discount. Don’t sleep with this! The rotisserie is very convenient! I know because I have it!There aren’t many such air fryer on the best list Cyber ​​Monday Air Fryer Deals, Also!

Bella Pro Series 9 Quart Digital Air Fryer with Dual Flex Basket — $ 90, $ 180

Bella Pro Series 8 quart digital air fryer. The dual flex basket is closed and facing forward.

Reason to buy:

  • Large capacity 9 quarts with two 4.5 quart baskets
  • 6 smart built-in cooking programs to choose from
  • Intelligently synchronize the cooking time of each basket
  • Non-stick baskets, dividers and trays are dishwasher washable

This Bella Pro series air fryer contains two baskets, not just one, and two 4.5 quart baskets have a total of 9 quarts of cooking space. Each cavity has its own cooking basket, cyclone fan, and quick heater so that all food is cooked wherever you place it. There are 6 cooking functions available, with options for air frying, baking, roasting, reheating, baking and dehydration.

If you’re cooking two dishes at once, you don’t have to worry about synchronizing them perfectly. The system does it intelligently. The digital touch screen makes it easy to select modes, cooking temperatures and more. You can also see at a glance how much time has been spent. All accessories are dishwasher washable, so cleaning is easy once your meal is ready.

Best Buy offers a half-price discount on Cyber ​​Monday from the list price of $ 180, with a final price of $ 90 with free shipping. You can’t price good food, and this air fryer will make you a lot of good food.

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