Belgian hyperspectral sensing developer Spectrum raises 14 million euros

Belgian semiconductor company Spectrum Raised 14 million euros in a Series B round. The company develops spectral sensing solutions for the visible and near-infrared spectral range for mobile devices. With funding, Spectricity plans to accelerate sensor development and large-scale production.Nanoelectronics hub spinout imecSince 2018, Spectricity has raised € 20 million.

In applications ranging from agriculture, food analysis, health and biomedicine, hyperspectral sensors allow devices to “see” what they can’t see. Monitoring heart rate, oxygen content in the blood, freshness of food, and whether certain cosmetics match the color of the skin are all examples of hyperspectral sensor technology.

It then adopts this type of technology and applies it to existing camera sensors. By integrating image and spectrum sensing technology, Spectrum’s products have the potential for a whole new category of applications.

“We extend the traditional paradigm of color imaging to spectral sensing. Our technology allows the spectrum to be exchanged for spatial resolution. Traditional RGB sensors have three colors in the Bayer pattern. Use Filters. Spectrum sensors can use more filters (such as 9 or 16) in a mosaic pattern. Spectrometers may use 128 channels throughout the sensor. “

“This is a key milestone in Spectrum and the deployment of chip-sized hyperspectral sensor and imager solutions for mobile devices and applications in the mass market,” commented the CEO. Vincent Muret.. “This new round of funding will allow us to significantly accelerate mass production, hire key talent and continue to expand our partnerships.”

In the series B round of Mechelen, Belgium, Atlantic bridge, Capricorn Fusion China Fund, Shanghai Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Fund (SSMEF).Existing investor imec.xpand When XTRION I also participated.

imec.xpand Peter Van Beckbergen “The formation of Spectricity is a prime example of notable semiconductor innovation born in Europe, based on the unique technology developed at imec. The best companies start with a good technology base and the founders gather. Identify major issues and form an expert investment team to support success. As part of that team, we are focused on providing Spectricity with unique value and networking. “ Belgian hyperspectral sensing developer Spectrum raises 14 million euros

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