BEL Develops Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox for DRONE DEK

DRONEDEK Corporation, one of the world’s first patented companies for smart mailboxes designed for secure drone delivery, announced that it has signed a formal contract with Navratna Defense PSU in India. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) Design, development and manufacturing DRONEDEK A smart mailbox unit for distribution around the world.

DRONEDEK holds the # 1 patent portfolio of smart mailboxes for receiving and storing drone packages. This is a feature-rich and secure mailbox that accepts robotic, unmanned, unmanned, aerial drones, or traditional means of delivery. DRONEDEK is set to disrupt all transportation areas, including sending and receiving food, medicine, groceries, or other parcels.

“DRONEDEK must have the reliability and redundancy of a 747 airliner with 300 passengers,” said Dan O’Toole, CEO and founder of DRONEDEK. “This new collaboration between BEL and DRONEDEK gives us the advantages and credibility we’ve been looking for in the market.”

Mrs. Anandilla Marinegum, Chairman and Managing Director of BEL, said: “The DRONEDEK opportunity presents BEL with a new field in the changing landscape of global last mile logistics, which allows us to bet on the ground and build.”

Designed to accept drone deliveries, the DRONEDEK mailbox is destined to accept traditional email deliveries and become a daily utility service such as electricity and water. This device can keep the package hot or cold. Warn the user of the arrival of the package. Recharge the drone. It also functions as an emergency alert if necessary. The app controls when the device is opened for delivery or capture, and also controls the emergency alarm feature.

DRONEDEK solves three of the most important challenges when delivering packages on the “last mile” delivery route.

https://www.electronicsb2b.com/press-release/bel-to-develop-smart-drone-delivery-mailboxes-for-dronedek-2/ BEL Develops Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox for DRONE DEK

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