Beach Express Memorial Cross Honors Baldwin Shooting Victims – WKRG News 5

Robertsdale, AlabamaWKRG) — After a house party in Baldwin County, a young mother’s friends and family were shot dead and continue to search for answers. Last week would have been Dominique Marshall’s 23rd birthday. After passing the Baldwin Beach Express, drivers may notice a small cross located near the intersection of Highway 90. The cross is dedicated to the memory of Dominique Marshall.

“My daughter’s life meant something,” said her father Cornelius Marshall. In December 2019, investigators were looking for evidence at their home in the Elsaner community. Dominique Marshall was shot there and pushed a little further away--She died near the place where this cross was placed. Dominique Marshall grew up in Bay Minette I had a young child.

The family lives on in this case and tries to keep the victim’s memory alive... This weekend, the family held a small monument there in honor of her. A message to passers-by and those who know more about what happened.

“A very special, very affectionate, very compassionate, understanding person, a pure person,” said Cornelius Marshall.Coming December, two years after Dominique Marshall’s death, her father says someone will be prosecuted for this crime if he is optimistic.

“I’m not going to be at peace with it until justice is offered. I can’t bring Dominique back. I just want her justice because she doesn’t deserve it,” Marshall said.

It’s waiting for justice that isn’t over yet. Beach Express Memorial Cross Honors Baldwin Shooting Victims – WKRG News 5

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