Battlefield 2042 Review: Is this the future?

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter with no campaign mode. Developed by Electronic Arts and DICE, Battlefield has long been known for its single-player campaigns and 64-player lobbies. The latest iteration of the popular first-person shooter franchise throws away these two factors that made it completely popular. Battlefield 2042, as the name implies, is set 100 years ahead of Battlefield 1942, the original game that made the franchise a big hit. Did Battlefield find a new life lease, or is it destined for a history book?

I played the game on my Xbox One S. Here’s my thoughts on Battlefield 2042. There’s a lot going on in the game, but not everything works. Some are good, and some are wondering what EA Dice was thinking during the development of the latest Battlefield titles.

Battlefield 2042 has three game modes: All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and Portal. In the first two modes, players can join the War Zone on seven maps that span the entire country. These maps include:

  • hourglass Based in Doha, Qatar
  • destruction Based in Alan, India
  • Manifest Based in Brani Island, Singapore
  • kaleidoscope Based in Matsushima, South Korea
  • Orbit Based in French Guiana’s Courou
  • break away Based in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • renewal Based in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Battlefield 2042 All Out War Fair Review

Dive into the game in All Out Warfare mode. It’s a complete mess to release 128 players on Battlefield 2042’s vast map. Players are called no-pats and are basically countryless mercenaries who fight on both sides of the war. The players are divided into two teams, Russia and the United States, and the main purpose is to capture the map.

Battlefield 2042’s All Out Warfare mode has two more submodes. Conquest and breakthrough. In Conquest, the player needs to control various purposes divided into sectors. Both teams capture all goals by starting from the end of the map and working in their own way. While I’m playing Conquest, it’s easy to capture the target closest to you at first, but the confusion that continues in the lobby of 128 players means you’re constantly dying and respawning. To do.

Battlefield 2042 allows players to use a small number of vehicles during battle.
Photo provider: EA Dice

The team wins in Battlefield 2042 when they capture all the sectors on the map. However, in breakthroughs, teams are divided into offensive and defensive. The latter has a majority in the sector, while the former are fighting to push through their path and defeat the defense. As the name implies, All-Out Warfare witnesses constant crossfire between teams, allowing players to reach goals and revive fallen teammates.

In my opinion, All-Out Warfare is perfect for battlefield veterans as it understands physics and takes time to gameplay for new players. The lack of single-player campaign mode in Battlefield 2042 doesn’t really help. Players have the option to play “single player” mode if they decide to play a solo or co-op experience. However, it doesn’t really help players get used to the gameplay, as it is plagued by up to 127 AI “opponents” and continues to be confused. After spending a few hours, I started getting used to gameplay, which I’ll discuss in more detail later. Was it really necessary to make the lobby large enough to accommodate 128 people? To be honest, I’m not sure.

Battlefield 2042 loadout

The loadout of Battlefield 2042 is pretty decent, and all 10 characters, called specialists, have acquired their own specific skills. Specialists such as Santiago’Dozer’Espinoza, Kimble’Irish’ Graves, and Maria Falck help players sustain life through armor and med kits. Other specialists have been further tuned for assault, repair, or reconnaissance. However, the point of having a specialist is a bit controversial, as characters that were aimed exclusively at specialists can be customized with different loadouts to acquire their own skills.

But when you enter the battle, you’ll find that Battlefield 2042 is really good at weapon physics. The gun is handled very well and with the right hand, even the first shot can be cruel. But on the contrary, this ability will disappoint new, relatively inexperienced players as the map is huge but the lack of cover is so bad that they continue to be shot miles away. Many times, either a sniper hidden in a random corner or an enemy unknowingly sneaking up because he couldn’t hear his footsteps randomly shot him from the location of the spawn trying to reach the heat of the battle. ..

Battlefield 2042: No time to stay alive

Always, when players spawn frequently, they tend to understand the various tools they are free to use. For example, players in Battlefield 2042 have the option to spawn in a vehicle or through a special spawn location hidden by their teammates at one of the bases or captured locations. If the player is spawned far away from the action and you can’t see the vehicle, you can simply drop the vehicle in place. Vehicle fall is a nice feature I’ve had since then — I can’t fully emphasize this fact — the map is huge and has no cover, so it’s easily erased.

batllefield2042 discarded map batllefield_2042_discarded_map

Battlefield 2042 is dotted with maps around the world
Photo provider: EA Dice

One of the great things about Battlefield 2042 is the “Plus” system, which allows players to change loadouts on the fly. This makes it easy to switch between primary and secondary weapon scopes, muzzles, magazines, and grips during combat, making it easy to adapt to changing landscapes and scenarios during the match.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone: Matrix Bug?

The second mode of Battlefield 2042 is the Hazard Zone. To be honest, there seems to be something wrong with the game. Even after playing the game for more than 12 hours, no one on my team, neither did I actually play the game and connect us to the match. While trying to join the lobby, the game gets stuck in some sort of loop. Players will be added to the team of four, but will continue to leave. Even if the team is full, it will inevitably return to the main menu.

The Hazard Zone has a 24-player lobby with 6 squads of 4 players. The purpose of this mode in Battlefield 2042 is to collect data drives and head to the rendezvous point for extraction. Just before the storm hits the map and clears the area, the squad wins by collecting and extracting these data drives. I can’t really comment on what the hazard zone looked like to me and my colleagues. Hopefully this is just a bug and will be addressed by EA soon.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Review: Paint Your Own Canvas

Let’s move on to Final Mode, and perhaps Battlefield 2042 — Benefits of Portal Savings. In this mode, players can be creative and know how to do it. Players can set all the rules or play according to the rules set by other players. The portal also allows players to experience Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 with modern graphics and engines. In addition, players also have the opportunity to use the 2042 weapon in 1942 and vice versa. Basically, EA wants players to be ferocious, and perhaps all of this madness could be that battlefield purists and beginners have been obsessed with the game for a long time.

The portal also has some unique submodes, the most fun of which is VIP Fiesta. Here, each team gets a VIP, and the task of the opponent is to find and eliminate the VIP. However, each player’s VIP status is temporary, so if teamwork is good, the team can easily control the other players. In addition, the loadout changes randomly each time a player respawns on the Battlefield 2042 portal, making the game even more interesting.

Battlefield 2042 Portal battlefield_2042_portal

Battlefield 2042’s portal mode allows players to play and customize old remastered titles
Photo provider: EA Dice

Battlefield 2042 can be a concern. It is a lack of discrimination between allies and enemies. Often, when I think I’m aiming at an enemy, it turns out to be a teammate and I suddenly respawn by the time I can find the enemy. After a while, you’ll find the trick to identify the little red dot on your opponent, but by the time you find it, you’ve already been killed by someone else.

Battlefield 2042 Review Verdict

By abolishing Battlefield 2042’s campaign mode, EA Dice has made the game a bit confusing and difficult for new players trying to enter the franchise. Veterans and Battlefield enthusiasts (intended for puns) will love it in a way that stays true to the gameplay of older titles. The chaos of the over 128 lobby is not something I look forward to every time I start the game. I think that’s true for most players.

The portal, on the other hand, is where Battlefield 2042 actually shines brightest. Incredible creation tools offer players freehand and show the true prowess of the new game engine. But what hasn’t been seen yet is how these levels of customization will help the game maintain itself in the future.

Strong Points:

  • Portal is a fun and powerful creation tool
  • Gameplay remains true to the original
  • The graphics are smooth and crisp
  • Old titles will shine after being remastered

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • The lobby of 128 players causes confusion
  • Full-scale war is too much for beginners
  • Hazard zone does not work (for now)
  • Specialists don’t feel special

Evaluation (out of 10): 7

Battlefield 2042 was released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S / X on November 19th. It costs rupees. Origin, Steam, Epic Games (for PC) 2,999, Rs. 3,999, Rs on PS4 and Xbox One. 4,499 for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X. You can also get Battlefield 2042 on your PC with the Rs costly EAPlay Pro subscription. 999 per month. Battlefield 2042 Review: Is this the future?

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