Balance between productivity and job satisfaction during mass retirement

As employees look for better opportunities and change their hobbies to new careers, large-scale layoffs can cast a shadow over a company’s late pandemic digital transformation and business acceleration plans. It tends to consider employee wellness initiatives, as well as salary audits and adjustments, to retain talent.

However, there is also a flip side to the labor shortage. With the rise of remote work, the administrative default of measuring whether a job is complete (counting seat bats) no longer works. How do you know if an employee is really working?

A now-famous viral video recorded that the CEO of mortgage originator fired 900 employees on a Zoom call. CEO Vishal Garg Confirm with Fortune He was also the author of a previous anonymous post on the message board, stating that at least 250 people “worked an average of two hours a day, measuring more than eight hours a day on the payroll system.” rice field. He told Fortune that his management began reviewing individual employee productivity data four weeks ago. He further told Fortune that his company is now paying more attention to productivity data.

The status of companies funded by SoftBank and Noveta is Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) The merger by the end of 2021 put new pressure on executives to scrutinize their finances and salaries.

However, the move to remote work can bring these questions to managers of different companies on how to measure productivity. Their old way of making sure employees are busy is no longer available.

“There are a thousand reasons why working from home doesn’t make things happen,” said Terry White, senior analyst at Omdia. “One of the main things is that executives and managers need to change their management style.”

In fact, many of the tech giants themselves who used their own tools, such as Google Meet, to drive remote work, have plans for employees to return to the office.

As of January 10, 2022, Google itself planned to require employees to return to the office. However, the company sent an email to employees earlier this month. Delay
That requirement is indefinitely in concern about the new COVID-19 variant Omicron.The company said it didn’t set a new return date for its employees decision
Made in the new year depending on the local situation.

However, it seems that the number of employees returning home voluntarily is increasing. Google Real Estate at the Reuters Next Conference on December 2nd The executive said An average of about 40% of US employees have found employment in the last few weeks, up from 20% three months ago to 25%.

According to Gartner, employees who continue to work from home may have higher levels of surveillance in the coming months and years.According to the company, the organization Use of AI-enabled systems Analyze worker behavior in the same way that AI is used to understand shoppers, customers, and the general public.

According to Whit Andrews, Gartner’s prominent vice president of research, many other methods were introduced last year. As a result, so many workers suddenly fill up their schedule with Zoom’s phone, and in some cases additional manager / worker check-in meetings and new progress reports needed.

Regarding Google, the company says it expects employees to return at least three days a week after setting a return date for their new office. Meanwhile, according to Reuters, the company is redesigning its floor plans to increase private and quiet space for undisturbed work, based on feedback from people who have already returned to the office.

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