Baidu has partnered with BAIC to introduce Apollo Moonrobo taxi

Baidu Affiliated with EV manufacturers Arcfox, Part of China’s state-owned BAIC Group (North Automobile Industry Holding Co., Ltd.), will accelerate the commercialization of fully autonomous ride-hailing services and jointly release the latest version of Apollorobotaxi.

“As early as 2017, Baidu and the BAIC Group signed a strategic partnership,” said Baidu’s Zhenyu Li. “Both sides share the same goal and insist on independent research and development to facilitate the development of autonomous driving in China. The launch of Apollo Moon is China’s leading autonomous driving technology and state-of-the-art smart vehicle platform. This is an important breakthrough that demonstrates a strong partnership with. It is a breakthrough in the field of global robotaxi ride hailing services. “

The partnership is intended to build a fleet of 1000 Baidu Apollo Moon autonomous robot axes over the next three years, with a production cost per unit of about 3 of the “average level 4 autonomous” manufacturing cost. We could even reduce it by a factor of 1. According to Baidu, it is 480,000 yuan (about $ 75,000) instead of the usual 1.5 million yuan (more than $ 230,000).

Apollo Moon is Baidu’s 5th generation robotaxi and is said to represent a 10x improvement over previous generation technology. It is based on Arcfox’s Alpha-T 5-seater electric crossover, which promises zero tailpipe emission ride hailing. Combined with dual electric motors to produce 218hp (~ 160kW), the 93.6kWh battery provides a charging range of approximately 650km (400 miles or more). The electric robotaxi is reported to have a predicted operating cycle of 5 years.

Robotaxi features include dynamic vehicle ID authentication, rear seat status detection, AI voice assistant, passenger seatbelt reminders, mobile app climate control, independent lock control for all four doors, and sunroof mount. Includes an animated electronic display. Vehicle status.

This vehicle boasts customized LiDAR developed by Hesai Technology and operates on the ANP-Robotaxi pilot navigation architecture. The sensor suite actually consists of two of these LiDARs, twelve cameras, five radars, and twelve ultrasonic sensors. It incorporates 800 TOPS computing power and redundant systems, and also supports 5G remote drives and V2X implementations.

Baidu has obtained approximately 3,000 patents, approximately 250 road test licenses, and launched after recording over 12 million test kilometers in the Apollo vehicle program. China’s first paid robotaxi service Earlier this year, we are currently rolling out ride-hailing services in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and other cities in China. There are more in the video below.

Meet Apollo Moon, Baidu’s new generation Robotaxi

Source: Baidu Baidu has partnered with BAIC to introduce Apollo Moonrobo taxi

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