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The community connects customers, partners, and LogPoint professionals.It is open to everyone and provides a unique view to the LogPoint universe

LogPointLaunched LogPoint Community, a global cybersecurity innovator. This is a new site where customers, partners and in-house LogPoint experts come together to discuss LogPoint products and services and share their experiences, tips and tricks.

“We are excited to launch a community to support the exchange of ideas and ideas between LogPoint users, who are at the heart of the community. In-house experts will also participate and share their expertise. Still, users We are very pleased to experience the engagement between them, “said Brian Hansen, Vice President of Customer Success at LogPoint.

The LogPoint community revolves around the main LogPoint product lines (SIEM, LogPoint for SAP, Director, UEBA, and Applied Analytics). In addition, there is space for training and certification, a library of FAQs, and sharing of best practices. The community site also allows users to book LogPoint online events and webins.

“We have decided to open the LogPoint community so that anyone interested in LogPoint can experience the enthusiasm of the user community. It provides this level of transparency and allows potential LogPoint customers to experience the world of LogPoint. I think it’s important to be able to get a fair understanding of the situation, “says Brian Hansen.

Read access is available to anyone using LinkedIn authentication, but you must be logged in by a LogPoint customer or partner to participate in the discussion. The LogPoint community is the fourth in the LogPoint support site family, including the LogPoint Document Document Portal, the LogPoint Partner Portal, and the LogPoint Help Center.

To access the LogPoint community, go to the following URL:

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7 Backed by the enthusiasm of LogPoint users – Technology Reseller Magazine

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