Back-to-school campaigns: Are UK retailers ready?

With back-to-school campaigns in full swing, pressure is on retailers to engage with customers in more meaningful and personalized ways. Learn more about them, given he’s an 86% increase in UK consumers seeking products and services suggested based on their preferences in exchange for loyalty, according to Cheetah Digital’s 2022 Consumer Trends Index. will make good use of your time.

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Hopefully the days of retailers sending one generic message to an entire database will be a thing of the past. technology Like AI and machine learning, it’s now easier to determine who gets the next message and when.

Master the art of progressive profiling

most forward thinking retail Marketers “profile” their customers’ interests, preferences, motivations and desires. They know it’s a constant process, and like learning and homework, progressive profiling never stops. It just evolves.

Progressive profiling allows marketers to ask next-best questions to expand their knowledge of the individual. New data provides a reason to reach out with more relevant messages and offers — how many children is he buying for? How old are the children? what do they study? and so on.

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Think Big on Hand-to-Hand Memos

A cursory glance at thought leadership blogs on improving email marketing for the back-to-school can lead you down the optimization rabbit hole of subject line length and call-to-action placement. Of course, these are important. However, the revenue generated so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

To deliver truly great back-to-school email marketing and make your emails really recognizable in a noisy inbox, you need to treat every recipient like an individual. That is, messaging beyond names and grouping consumers into common buyer personas. Opening, reading, clicking, and converting emails starts with building more meaningful relationships with consumers.

Email has consistently been the number one preferred channel for UK consumers to receive offers, content, incentives and rewards from brands. In fact, Cheetah Digital reports that email outperforms paid social and display ads in the UK by up to 128% when it comes to driving sales. This is mainly due to the hyper-personalization features of email.

Any channel

Cheetah Digital reports that nearly 60% more UK consumers are frustrated with brands whose personalization initiatives fail to recognize their unique wants and needs. Delivering the right personalized omnichannel experience is the way to increase revenue in customer retention in a saturated back-to-school market this year.

Cheetah Digital reports that customers interact with an average of six digital touchpoints when engaging with a retail brand, which is often unpredictable. Social media content, website links, SMS and email offers, wallet payments, and more, each of these experiences must be integrated to provide a truly consistent experience. This is essential to allowing customers to seamlessly move from one experience to another.

For example, consider this all-too-familiar customer experience. A customer buys new school shoes, but this is a necessary purchase, not a wish. It’s not uncommon for this customer to be cornered with display ads, emails, and personalized content on her website for her shoes at children’s school next month, even though she doesn’t plan to buy another pair of shoes anytime soon. There is none.

Ultimately, a true omnichannel experience is putting the customer at the center of a strategy that revolves around the customer, not just the product, but all channels and touchpoints.

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