Babcock launches major infrastructure project at Devonport, UK

Babcock International start A major rehabilitation is underway at the Devonport facility in Plymouth to meet the future requirements of the Royal Navy (RAN).

This work involves demolition of existing blocks around the facility’s Dock10 site.

Babcock is leading the rehabilitation work in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) and delivery partners Costain, Mott McDonald and Mace.

Repair work is the first step in Devonport’s multi-year development program.

Since 2020, MoD has signed an initial contract of $ 170 million (£ 140 million) for infrastructure improvement work. RN’s Astute-class nuclear submarineThis will be replaced Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine..

The company’s Devonport facility, located at the same location as RN’s HM Naval Base Devonport, is also expected to create new jobs under new work.

Dominique Kieran, Chief Executive Officer of Babcock, said: region. “

The company has also begun preparations for a major outage project for the Dock 9. It is managed by the Bechtel and Cavendish Nuclear Program Delivery Team.

The team will provide life extension, maintenance, and facility improvements to support the dock. RN’s Vanguard-class nuclear submarine..

Meanwhile, Babcock’s Australian subsidiary, Naval Ship Management (NSM) and Atlantic & Peninsula (A & P) Australia, have signed an agreement to collaborate on a naval ship maintenance project on the east coast of Australia.

The agreement was signed at the Indo-Pacific 2022 Maritime Conference in Sydney.

Under the new agreement, the two companies will work together to provide plans to maintain the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) warships.

Currently, NSM is responsible for maintaining RAN’s two landing helicopter docks, HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Canberra.

In addition, A & P Australia is working on an up-to-date support and maintenance agreement for RAN’s HMAS Choules. Babcock launches major infrastructure project at Devonport, UK

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