B2B payments today: Nook, Clear, Land Gorilla

In today’s B2B payments, Nook focused on the B2B ecosystem to combat business email scams, and Clear acquired yBANQ. In addition, Land Gorilla discussed the suspension of construction loans, Barter Pay worked with the Meridian Credit Union, and Finstro launched a corporate card.

B2B Payments Ecosystem Addresses Business Email Infringement

Construction lenders endure roller coasters of market turmoil

Shortages of housing, surges in demand for remodeling, supply chain bottlenecks, late B2B payments, and other difficult times at construction sites give builders quick access to funding to fund their projects. need to do it. Land gorilla CEO Sean Farries We talked about the importance of industry visibility for lenders to accelerate underwriting and payments.

B2B payment startup yBANQ acquired by Clear India

BarterPay Collab allows businesses to trade additional goods and services in cash

Canadian Credit Union (CU) Meridian Based in Hamilton, Ontario BarterPay According to Wednesday (July 7th), we worked together to provide Meridian Business Banking members across Ontario with a trading platform for the latter entity. Announcement.. Companies can get a wide variety of products and services through the BarterPay platform without the need for funding. According to the announcement, they can do this by exchanging “reserve capacity” that may include “unsold time, space, idle inventory”.

Finstro debuts corporate card and API integration in the US

FinstroOffering B2B commerce trade and credit services, is rolling out to the United States on Tuesday (July 6th). Press release Said. This includes the company’s card solutions aimed at strengthening the relationship between buyers and suppliers. Finstro cards can be used for fast applications, fast financing, flexible repayments, and the company offers an API that integrates with the company’s existing ERP.


New PYMNTS data: Exercise Loyalty for Small Business Research – UK EDITION

About research: British consumers see local shopping as the key to both financial support and environmental protection, but many local high-street businesses struggle to get them into the door. PYMNTS surveyed 1,115 consumers in the UK and learned how to attract new high street shoppers by offering a personalized loyalty program in a new SME loyalty-working survey.

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